This Article details the Upwork proposal strategies that will increase your earnings to surpass $780,000 on the upwork jobs.


Upwork proposals can make or break freelancers, often being the primary challenge in winning jobs.

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Explore a winning Upwork proposal example that will secure you a $87,000+ client, accompanied by expert tips to enhance your cover letters.

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Capture the Client’s Attention

Your cover letter’s starting or first 1-2 lines of sentence is crucial! Make it catchy with sauce and personal by using the client’s name, found in their freelancer reviews. A strong first sentence can open the door to success in landing the job!

Proposal Example

Hello [client’s name]!

Thanks for sharing the detailed job information! It got my attention and fits well with my experience as a [your job title]. Can’t wait to get started!

Show Your Skills and Work Samples

Share a specific work example that directly relates to the client’s issue or problem. Skip the resume details; the client is interested in how you can solve their problem, boost their income, or save them time.

Proposal Example

Check my Upwork profile for proof—I’ve successfully finished many [insert job title] projects with 5-star reviews and glowing client feedback. I’ve attached two specific examples that directly align with your job post, showcasing the excellence of my work.

Demonstrate your credibility

Now that you’ve captured the client’s attention and demonstrated your exceptional work, it’s time to showcase your best accomplishments, qualifications, and anything that distinguishes you from the rest. Don’t hold back! This is your chance to shine and impress the client. However, keep in mind that your confidence should not come across as arrogance. Keep this section concise while asserting your skills and expertise.

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Proposal Example 1

I’ve excelled in [your job title] with top-notch achievements and standout qualifications. Here’s a glimpse of what sets me apart:

  1. [Accomplishment 1]
  2. [Accomplishment 2]
  3. [Qualification 1]

I value your time and kept it brief. Looking forward to the opportunity!

Proposal Example 2

I am a highly skilled and accomplished Senior SQL Server Database Administrator with over 9 years of experience. I have worked on a wide range of challenging projects for fortune 500 companies and esteemed clients such as Cerner, CBRE, and Stanford University.

As a vetted expert freelancer, I am proud to be in the top 1% of all freelancers on Upwork. My profile has been featured on the website’s home page (see attachment), which is a testament to my exceptional skills and achievements. Moreover, I run a successful YouTube channel/social media called [your YouTube channel/social media] with over [your followers count. Through my channel/social media, I share my vast knowledge and expertise in freelancing and personal finance.

List what you can bring to the project

Look at the job description again and explain to the client how you can help with their project. Don’t just copy and paste these for every proposal. Make them fit the job description well, just like I do.

Remember, the key is to show how you can help the client make more money or save time. Please use English.

Proposal Example 1

Adding Value to Your Project

Upon reviewing the job description, here’s how I can contribute to your project’s success:

[Specific Contribution 1]
[Tailored Benefit 2]
[Unique Skill 3]

My focus is on helping you increase profits and save time. Let’s discuss how I can tailor these to your project’s needs.

Proposal Example 2

Here’s what I can offer to your project:

  1. Expertise in all versions of SQL Server (2000-2019).
  2. Extensive experience handling large transactional databases and data warehouses.
  3. Knowledge of best practices for data security, especially when dealing with PII and PHI data.
  4. 24/7 reliable communication, ensuring you’re consistently informed about the project status with regular updates.
  5. A dedicated individual who genuinely cares about helping you succeed and bringing value to your organization.

Wrap up your proposal with a call-to-action

The most effective way to do this is by suggesting a brief introduction call. In my Upwork proposals, I typically conclude by inviting the client to schedule a quick 10-minute introductory call with me.

Proposal Example 1

To move forward, let’s connect! I suggest a brief 10-minute introduction call to discuss your project in more detail. Schedule a call, and together, we can ensure a successful collaboration. Looking forward to it!

Proposal Example 2

Let’s arrange a brief 10-minute introduction call to delve into the specifics of your project and confirm that I’m the ideal candidate. I have availability tomorrow during [insert available times].

If those time slots aren’t convenient for you, please inform me of your preferred times, and I’ll do my utmost to adjust my schedule accordingly.

Here are a few questions we can address during our call:

  1. [Insert question]
  2. [Insert question]
  3. [Insert question]

Looking forward to our discussion!


Expert Upwork Proposal Sample

Hello Pete!

Thank you for sharing detailed information about your job.

Your opportunity immediately caught my eye and aligns perfectly with my background as a Senior SQL Server DBA. I’ve successfully addressed SQL Server bottlenecks for Fortune 500 companies and notable clients such as Cerner, CBRE, and Stanford University, as highlighted on my Upwork profile with numerous 5-star reviews. For a more in-depth look, I’ve attached two specific examples that directly relate to your post.

A bit about me:

I’ve served as a Senior SQL Server DBA for over 9 years, handling diverse projects across various industries. As a top 1% Upwork freelancer, I’ve been featured on the platform’s homepage (see attachment). Additionally, I run a YouTube channel [YouTube channel name] with over 100k subscribers, sharing insights on freelancing and personal finance.

What I bring to your project:

1. Extensive experience in all SQL Server versions (2000 – 2019).
2. Expertise in handling large transactional databases.
3. Adherence to data security best practices, especially with PII and PHI data.
4. 24/7 ultra-reliable communication for consistent project updates.
5. Genuine commitment to your success and adding value to your organization.

Let’s schedule a quick 10-minute introduction call to delve deeper into your project. I’m available tomorrow between 10 AM – 1 PM EDT and after 3 PM EDT. If these times aren’t suitable, let me know your availability, and I’ll adjust my schedule accordingly.

Questions for our call:

1. What are your main customer complaint pain points?
2. Do you maintain separate environments for production, development, and testing?
3. Are there any existing automated database maintenance jobs?

Looking forward to discussing your exciting project and how I can contribute!

Best Regards,

[your name]
Expert-Vetted Freelancer

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