The landscape of startup funding has been revolutionized by angel investor websites, acting as crucial conduits between entrepreneurs and potential backers.

Best Angel Investor Websites of 2023
Best Angel Investor Websites of 2023

These platforms empower startups to secure the capital necessary for transforming their innovative concepts into lucrative enterprises.

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Angel investors provide initial funding to startups in exchange for equity in the company. These investors can come from an entrepreneur’s network or be professionals involved in multiple projects. Their involvement may include a one-time seed investment or continuous funding to bring a product to market.

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Angel investors inject capital at a critical early stage, a substantial advantage for startups. They are more inclined to take on risk and support companies without extensive assets or a track record, expediting product or service launches.

Beyond financial support, angel investors offer invaluable guidance, leveraging their extensive industry knowledge. They often maintain vast networks that benefit entrepreneurs in finding new clients or partners. Angel investors also facilitate connections with potential customers, associates, and additional financiers, contributing to business expansion.

Angel investors are deeply vested in a startup’s success, often going the extra mile to ensure their investments thrive, significantly impacting the success of a startup business.

The top angel investor websites include:


10 Best Angel Investor Websites of 2023
10 Best Angel Investor Websites of 2023

AngelList is a prominent platform with over 100,000 entrepreneurs, employers, investors, and 5 million members. It enables startups to expand their networks, refine searches based on region, industry, and various criteria, and provides a vast database of angel investors and businesses. AngelList is known for connecting entrepreneurs with venture capitalists and angel investors, offering comprehensive tools and resources.


AngelList maintains a comprehensive database of companies seeking investment, simplifying the search for potential investment opportunities. It facilitates the creation of AngelList Syndicates led by seasoned venture capitalists or angel investors, pooling investments from multiple sources to support early-stage companies. The platform equips entrepreneurs with the tools necessary to organize fundraising campaigns, develop company profiles, and establish connections with potential investors. AngelList is also a valuable resource for those seeking opportunities in the startup industry and businesses looking to acquire talent through job listings, blog posts, webinars, and guidance on navigating the fundraising process.


10 Best Angel Investor Websites of 2023
10 Best Angel Investor Websites of 2023

Gust is a versatile platform used by around 80,000 financial advisors and 800,000 businesses globally. It has facilitated over $50 billion in financing and offers an Accelerate service covering product launches and legal aspects. Entrepreneurs can utilize Gust to create profiles, engage with investors, and benefit from its online community featuring blog posts and forums. The platform is a comprehensive resource for entrepreneurs seeking all-in-one solutions for their businesses.


Gust provides a suite of tools to help entrepreneurs manage their fundraising campaigns, allowing them to create detailed company profiles, including financial data, business strategies, and pitch decks. It connects entrepreneurs with a global network of venture capitalists and angel investors, widening the reach of potential investors. Entrepreneurs can efficiently handle investor interactions, including correspondence, document distribution, and updates. Gust allows investors to swiftly find and evaluate investment opportunities by exploring a database of entrepreneurs seeking funding. Additionally, it offers a secure means for sending critical legal and financial documents to potential investors, streamlining due diligence.


10 Best Angel Investor Websites of 2023
10 Best Angel Investor Websites of 2023

SeedInvest is a renowned equity crowdfunding platform that connects accredited investors with startups and small businesses. Startups looking for investors and entrepreneurs aiming to reach a broader audience of potential backers can benefit from SeedInvest’s services. The platform primarily caters to accredited investors, adhering to stringent financial requirements and screening procedures. It emphasizes transparency, ensuring prospective investors receive comprehensive information about companies seeking capital.


SeedInvest specializes in equity crowdfunding, offering startups the opportunity to trade funds for ownership shares, an attractive option for businesses in need of capital. The platform conducts rigorous due diligence, evaluating startups for compliance with specific requirements, including financial and legal assessments. SeedInvest builds a bridge between entrepreneurs and a network of qualified investors, ensuring compliance with investment laws. It offers a wide array of investment options, allowing investors to explore startups from diverse industries and sectors. The platform encourages engagement by enabling investors to ask questions, research startups, and make well-informed investment decisions.


10 Best Angel Investor Websites of 2023
10 Best Angel Investor Websites of 2023

Wefunder, operating under the JOBS Act, serves as a platform enabling investors to contribute as little as $100 to support entrepreneurs. In essence, it resembles crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter, but instead of rewards, investors receive shares in the company.

Wefunder has played a pivotal role in aiding more than 2,700 entrepreneurs and assisting fledgling companies in raising over $616 million. Through this platform, startups can secure funding ranging from $50,000 to $5 million.

This user-friendly website furnishes a wealth of information about each company seeking investment. Such details encompass their business plans, the targeted fundraising amount, the current sum raised, and more.


Wefunder specializes in equity crowdfunding, allowing businesses to offer ownership shares to investors in exchange for financial backing. This approach broadens the pool of potential investors to include both accredited and non-accredited individuals.
The investor network on Wefunder includes accredited and non-accredited investors, all looking to participate in crowdfunding endeavors.
Investors can explore a wide array of startups, spanning software firms to local businesses, providing diverse investment opportunities for those wanting to support companies they believe in.

To facilitate well-informed investment decisions, Wefunder offers comprehensive data about startups seeking funding, including financials, business plans, and other crucial information.
The platform equips investors with tools to actively engage in the investment process, enabling them to ask questions and communicate with founders.


10 Best Angel Investor Websites of 2023
10 Best Angel Investor Websites of 2023

Envestor operates as a private network of entrepreneurs and angel investor websites based in the UK, allowing entrepreneurs to present their ideas and raise capital for their ventures.

Envestor adheres to regulations set forth by the UK’s financial regulatory body, the FCA, having invested over £120 million in more than 200 potential enterprises. Its network comprises over 4,000 angel investors in the UK, with international entrepreneurs seeking entry into the UK market also welcomed.


Envestor assists in crafting compelling investment propositions, ensuring your investment opportunity is compelling.
A financial expert evaluates your investment proposal, including your narrative, forecasts, and model, offering constructive suggestions for improvement.
The platform brings your investment opportunity to the attention of their knowledgeable investors.
Envestor’s website showcases your prospects, enabling astute investors to make financial commitments, track your progress, receive updates, and pose inquiries. It fosters direct communication between investors and entrepreneurs.


10 Best Angel Investor Websites of 2023
10 Best Angel Investor Websites of 2023

Startups and entrepreneurs can access contact information for angel investors, venture capitalists, and other investors through Investor Hunt, a subscription-based application. This tool streamlines outreach efforts and simplifies the process of compiling lists of potential investors.

The database of potential investors offered by Investor Hunt makes it easier for companies to locate and connect with ideal investors tailored to their specific needs.


Users can search for investors by specifying parameters such as industry, region, preferred investment types, and past investment performance.
Investor Hunt allows users to export investor data into a CSV file for building relationships and conducting outreach via email campaigns and other communication channels.
Additional investor information, including investment backgrounds, interests, and notable portfolio companies, may be accessible on the platform.
Entrepreneurs can enhance their interactions and communications with potential investors by integrating Investor Hunt with other outreach tools.
The tool maintains a regularly updated database to ensure accurate contact information.


10 Best Angel Investor Websites of 2023
10 Best Angel Investor Websites of 2023

Fundable’s platform is accessible to a range of entrepreneurs seeking funding for growth and development, spanning early-stage startups to more established small businesses.

Entrepreneurs can initiate fundraising campaigns upon meeting the platform’s requirements and completing due diligence. It’s imperative to comprehend the legal obligations of equity crowdfunding and the responsibilities accompanying a diverse array of shareholders.


Fundable’s network encompasses accredited and non-accredited investors, broadening the scope of investment opportunities.
Startups can create comprehensive company profiles, including financial projections, business plans, and value propositions, to attract potential investors.
The platform facilitates a due diligence process to assess startups’ credibility and fundraising efforts, instilling added legitimacy and security for investors.
Fundable connects investors and entrepreneurs, enabling founders to provide updates and information to their supporters.
Operating under Regulation Crowdfunding, Fundable allows non-accredited individuals to participate in equity crowdfunding initiatives.


10 Best Angel Investor Websites of 2023
10 Best Angel Investor Websites of 2023

MicroVentures is an online investment platform that enables investors to engage in venture capital investments in startups, small enterprises, and equity crowdfunding. It offers a platform where both accredited and non-accredited investors can purchase shares in early-stage companies to support their growth.

For investors seeking diversification in their portfolios through venture capital and startups, MicroVentures offers a compelling option. It also serves as a valuable resource for entrepreneurs in need of funding to expand their businesses.


MicroVentures conducts comprehensive due diligence when showcasing businesses on its platform, evaluating aspects such as management teams, financials, business models, and potential risks. This provides investors with a degree of assurance and legitimacy.
The platform includes a secondary market, allowing early investors to buy and sell startup shares, providing them with liquidity.
Entrepreneurs gain access to a wide range of potential investors, including both accredited and non-accredited individuals.
MicroVentures also offers opportunities for investing in venture capital funds, allowing investors to access a diverse portfolio of entrepreneurs.
Operating under Regulation Crowdfunding (Reg CF), MicroVentures enables non-accredited individuals to engage in equity crowdfunding campaigns.


10 Best Angel Investor Websites of 2023
10 Best Angel Investor Websites of 2023

Globevestor stands out as one of the leading platforms among angel investor websites, acting as a bridge connecting entrepreneurs in emerging regions with global investors, particularly angel investors. It is also commonly recognized as Globevestor or Globevestor Angels.

The platform’s core mission revolves around narrowing the gap between international investors and enterprises in regions like Southeast Asia, Africa, Latin America, and India. Below are some noteworthy attributes associated with Globevestor:


Globevestor primarily focuses on nurturing startups in emerging markets. Its primary objective is to introduce these enterprises to investors seeking opportunities in high-growth regions.
Frequently, Globevestor facilitates syndication, a process in which multiple investors pool their resources to collectively invest in businesses. This collaborative approach can enhance entrepreneurs’ access to funding from diverse sources.
To ensure the companies listed on Globevestor meet specific quality and viability criteria, the platform offers assistance in due diligence and startup assessment.
Globevestor often organizes events such as pitch sessions and demo days, allowing entrepreneurs to showcase their ventures to potential financiers.


10 Best Angel Investor Websites of 2023
10 Best Angel Investor Websites of 2023

EquityNet differs somewhat from the other angel investor websites on this list. It extends beyond being a mere platform for linking entrepreneurs and investors.

EquityNet actively supports startups in securing funding from various avenues, including corporate investors and venture capitalists. Through its online platform, EquityNet facilitates interactions between entrepreneurs and startups and an accredited investor network, providing financing through private equity, equity crowdfunding, or other financial instruments.


To attract potential investors, the platform equips entrepreneurs with the necessary tools and guidance for crafting comprehensive business plans and financial projections.
A continuously growing network of accredited investors associated with EquityNet actively seeks opportunities to invest in early-stage and startup enterprises.
EquityNet empowers businesses to raise capital through private equity investments, in addition to equity crowdfunding. This versatility offers greater flexibility in the type of funding that can be pursued.

Investors can access due diligence reports and other pertinent data when evaluating potential investment opportunities.
EquityNet offers data analytics solutions, aiding both companies and investors in monitoring and assessing the progress of their investments and fundraising initiatives.
Entrepreneurs can establish appropriate funding targets and share prices by utilizing valuation tools to determine the value of their companies.