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Meta and Genesis Startup Academy 4.0
Meta and Genesis Startup Academy 4.0

This is a free international program aimed at founders of startups, guiding how to develop, operate, and expand profitable tech businesses. The program is a component of TRMNL4 powered by Genesis.

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Join our Telegram Channel for Updates

During the StartUp Academy, founders can:

  • Tailor their engagement to suit the specific needs of their business.
  • Navigate their startup journey with the support of a trusted mentor.
  • Engage their initial team members in program activities.
  • Showcase their startup and network with potential investors.
  • Seek advice from advisors to address specific challenges.
  • Gain round-the-clock access to an extensive content library.


The program primarily targets tech-driven software startups ranging from Pre-Seed to Seed stages. Software startups, both B2C and B2B, operating in various domains such as FinTech, EdTech, Mobility, etc.


  • Marketing & Strategy
    • Global GTM strategy
    • Market research toolset
    • Pivot strategies
    • Key startup survival metrics
    • Seed stage founder’s focuses
  • Financial Benchmarks
    • Unit economy frameworks
    • Due diligence & company valuation
    • Fundraising round formation
  • Marketing Tools & Sales Hacks
    • Paid user acquisition
    • Virality, influencers, integrations
    • Startup CMO operations & budgeting
    • B2B sales management
    • Corporate negotiations
  • People & Number Management
    • Revenue formula-driven operations
      • Co-founder engagement in a target market
      • Hiring model to find the right first people in your team
    • Data-driven Product
      • Engagement hacks for retention growth
      • Custdev in seed+ stages
      • Growth model frameworks
      • Product analytics with the relevant metrics
    • Tech Lifestyle
      • Generative AI business opportunities
      • CTO operations in seed+ stages
      • Non-tech founder ways to build a solution
      • Development resource optimization
    • Pitch Hard knocks
      • Pitch every two weeks and receive feedback on your deck from different stakeholders
      • Join Pitch Day as a final step of the program and meet investors from all over the world

Deadline: April 28, 2024

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