Dr. Richard Montgomery, who serves as the British High Commissioner to Nigeria, recently discussed changes in the policies regarding international students and their dependents, particularly those coming to the UK for higher education.

united kingdom (UK)
United Kingdom (UK)

During an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja, he shed light on these alterations, emphasizing their implications and the reasoning behind them.

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According to Montgomery, there has been a significant shift in the regulations governing international students entering the UK for educational purposes.

Specifically, a new policy introduced earlier this year restricts the ability of international students to bring their dependents to the UK. This change was prompted by concerns arising from the growing number of foreign students bringing their families, which placed considerable strain on various aspects of university life.

Montgomery elaborated on the challenges universities face due to the influx of dependents accompanying international students. These challenges include limited accommodation availability, strained access to medical services provided by the National Health Service, and difficulties in providing schooling for the dependents of international students.

University Chancellors have expressed apprehensions about the increasing student population and its associated challenges, prompting the need for policy adjustments.

However, Montgomery clarified that not all international students are affected by these restrictions. Those pursuing long-term research degrees, such as PhDs or doctorates, are exempt from the limitations imposed on bringing dependents into the country. This exemption reflects an acknowledgment of the unique circumstances and needs of students engaged in extensive research programs.

Furthermore, Montgomery emphasized the rationale behind the policy change, emphasizing the need for sustainable management of the higher education sector in the UK.

He stressed the importance of understanding the reasons behind the adjustment and highlighted its sensibility in light of the significant demand for education in the UK.

Additionally, he expressed hopes that the number of international students bringing their dependents to the UK would remain manageable, ensuring the sustainability of resources and services provided by universities across the country.