Apply Now for the Sprinng Writing Fellowship Online Mentorship Program 2024. A 6-week intensive writing Program

Sprinng Writing Fellowship Online Mentorship Program
Sprinng Writing Fellowship Online Mentorship Program

The Sprinng Writing Fellowship is an intensive 6-week online mentorship program tailored for aspiring writers from Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, and South Africa, aged 18 to 25, who have not yet published a book.

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Join our Telegram Channel for Updates

This fellowship spans across 6 genres of literature: Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Book Review, Play/Drama, and Blogging. Throughout the 6-week duration, mentees will engage with their mentors, submitting their works for review and commentary.

The focus will be on developing at least one piece of writing in their chosen genre per week. Participation in the Sprinng Writing Fellowship is exclusively for writers within the specified age range who have not previously published a book, whether in eBook or hardcopy format.

Communication between mentors and mentees during the program will primarily occur via email, phone calls, WhatsApp, and text messages. Additionally, all mentees will receive weekly airtime during the fellowship period.

To amplify the visibility of the fellowship, Sprinng has partnered with Pepper Coast Literary this year. Previous collaborations include the Contemporary Ghanaian Writers Series (CGWS) and Botsotso, underscoring the fellowship’s continued expansion.

Fellowship Eligibility

– Citizenship: Must be a citizen of Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, or South Africa.
– Residence: Must reside in Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, or South Africa.
– Age: Must be between 18 to 25 years old.
– Publishing Status: Must not have published a book before (eBook/chapbook/hardcopy).

Selection Criteria

– Potential: Writers with basic writing skills and the potential for further development.
– Open-mindedness: Applicants willing to receive constructive feedback.
– Ambition: Passionate individuals eager to develop their writing skills.

Fellowship Timeline

– January 15 – April 15: Application period.
– April: Announcement of mentors.
– May 18: Notification of finalists.
– May 21: Pairing of mentees and mentors.

The Fellowship

– June 1 – July 15: Fellowship duration.
– The mentorship program typically spans 5 weeks (June 1 – July 7), with an optional grace period of one week (July 7 – July 14) for mentors interested in extending the program.

– July 15 – 20: Conclusion of the program.
– August: Release of mentees’ profiles and program reports.
– December: Publication of mentees’ anthology.

Post-Fellowship Outcomes

Past fellows and alumni of the Sprinng Fellowships have achieved significant milestones following the completion of the program, including:

– Pursuing higher education.
– Securing employment in the writing or publishing industry.
– Establishing literary organizations or communities.
– Publishing books or individual works.
– Receiving awards and recognition in writing, literature, or publishing-related fields.
– Engaging in mentoring or teaching roles.
– Participating in literary events and conferences.
– Contributing to anthologies as editors or writers.

Deadline:  April 15 2024