Apply Now for the MIT Africa Empowering the Teachers Fellowship Program 2025/2026

MIT Africa Empowering the Teachers Fellowship Program
MIT Africa Empowering the Teachers Fellowship Program

The MIT-Empowering the Teachers Program (MIT-ETT) offers a fellowship spanning a semester, targeting engineering professors currently engaged in teaching at local universities in Nigeria and who have recently attained their Ph.D.

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MIT-ETT presents an intensive, semester-long teaching-oriented fellowship for chosen cohorts of faculty members, referred to as ETT Fellows, from African universities.

Through exposure to cutting-edge, student-centered teaching methodologies, the program aims to stimulate innovation in science and engineering education within tertiary academic institutions across Africa.

The primary objective of MIT-ETT is to facilitate the growth of young African faculty leadership in science and engineering education, fostering the integration of innovation and creativity into science and engineering curricula.

The program is guided by two key objectives: offering young African professors exposure to advanced pedagogical techniques employed in the highest-rated engineering and science departments in the United States, and providing American faculty members with a genuine avenue for connecting with counterparts in their disciplines in emerging economies.

Program objectives:

  1. Expose junior African professors to MIT’s advanced, problem-solving pedagogical methods
  2. Encourage the ETT fellows to become change-agents
  3. Allow the ETT fellows to expand their professional network, including MIT faculty with a deep interest in emerging economies.

During their semester at MIT, the ETT fellows:

  • Observe at least 2 MIT courses in their own disciplines
  • Take a curriculum design course and implement research-based instructional design principles in their courses
  • Discuss & explore curricular enrichment & reform through both formal and informal interaction with the MIT community
  • Participate in numerous activities to develop critical change-agent skills. These skills include entrepreneurship, effective communication, experiential learning, reflection, collaboration, systems thinking, and perseverance.

DeadlineMay 26, 2024.