Controversial reality TV personality Josephina Ijeoma Itabor, widely known as Phyna, has disclosed the reasons behind her decision to stop attending church.


In a recent episode of her podcast ‘Spill with Phyna,’ where she interviewed Nigerian singer Seun Kuti, Phyna shared that she reached a point where she no longer felt the necessity to go to church.

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“I’ve ceased attending church. Initially, I was a Catholic, and that was my church during my upbringing. However, certain developments occurred. The Pope made decisions that didn’t align well with me.

The latest one, allowing same-sex marriages not just in any church but in the Catholic Church, made me decide that it’s unnecessary for me.”

Seun Kuti, who identifies as a “juju” worshipper, voiced his discontent with various religious denominations and encouraged Africans to move beyond these established institutions.

He remarked, “I take issue with these Catholics, Islamists, Pentecostals, Anglicans – my family even pioneered the Anglican side of Christianity in the country. We’ve been there, done that, and we’ve moved on. We hope Africans can do the same.”