Ever wondered about land stuff in Africa? Well, the NELGA Research Communication Workshop 2024 (Fully Funded) is super interesting! It’s all about making land info easy to find and helping important people make good decisions.

NELGA Research Communication Workshop 2024 (Fully Funded)
NELGA Research Communication Workshop 2024 (Fully Funded)

Picture this: fun talks, cool stories, and things you can actually do! Experts will share smart tricks for telling people about land research. But wait, it’s not just a regular workshop—it’s like a big party where NELGA friends, important decision-makers, and rich investors come together to make land stuff better.

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Join our Telegram Channel for Updates

Guess what? You get to join in and meet lots of different friends. Plus, you’ll learn how to talk about land things so everyone pays attention. Imagine having a say in how land rules are made and where money goes!

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The 3-day workshop aims to:

1. Enhance understanding of the land policy development process and the role of national research agendas.
2. Develop a research strategy, covering stakeholder analysis, knowledge management, and communications.
3. Improve skills in producing high-quality, evidence-based research outputs, such as policy briefs, and disseminate best practices in policy brief development.
4. Enable effective engagement in policy dialogue with relevant decision-makers.

The NELGA Research Communication Workshop 2024

Believing in the power of collaborative dialogue, we invite you to join and contribute to:

1. Enhancing research communication skills through certified training and hands-on experiences.
2. Building connections and fostering collaborations with like-minded professionals and experts.
3. Gaining access to valuable resources, tools, and platforms for effective research communication.
4. Equipping NELGA members with tools and techniques to communicate research findings effectively in decision-making spaces.
5. Focusing on integrating academic research into policy development and private sector decisions related to land governance.

Post-Workshop Mentoring and Coaching

We offer advisory support for participants to refine and submit communication materials developed after the workshop, working on policy briefs and other outputs.


To participate, you should have:

1. A Master’s degree or a degree equivalent to a Master’s degree.
2. Active NELGA membership with ongoing research projects on land governance in Africa.
3. Involvement in research, policymaking, or advocacy related to African land governance.
4. A track record or potential for contributing to policy dialogues and research communication in the context of land governance.
5. Demonstrated interest in enhancing research communication skills.
6. Commitment to producing the required output(s) by a stipulated deadline.


PROMAN, contracted by the GIZ-SLGA program to implement Technical Support to NELGA on Research Communication, will cover travel costs and accommodation. Your opportunity to learn and grow is just around the corner—seize it!