Kate Gosselin, a mom known from the show Jon & Kate Plus 8, posted a rare photo on Mother’s Day. The picture shows four of her six younger kids, Alexis, Aaden, Leah, and Joel, who just turned 20.

Kate Gosselin Shares Rare Pic of 4 of Her and Jon’s Sextuplets

In the photo, the four are standing near a birthday cake with a giant pickle and red jalapeños on it.

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Kate, who is now 49 years old, wrote on Instagram that she can’t believe her kids are not teenagers anymore. She wished them a happy birthday and said she loves them a lot.

Jon Gosselin, Kate’s ex-husband, also talked about their kids turning 20 in a live video on Instagram. He said he couldn’t believe it either and wished them a happy birthday.

Their daughter Hannah, who is now 18, posted new pictures of herself on her birthday. She joked in her Instagram post about making people look twice.

Jon mentioned that Hannah and their son Collin, who is also 18, store their things in his house, but they don’t live there full-time. He said it’s a big change for him when they’re there one day and gone the next.

Kate and Jon’s older twins, Mady and Cara, who are 23, are living in New York and have good jobs.

Even though Collin hasn’t been in touch with Kate and most of his siblings for a while, Hannah stays in touch with them and follows them on Instagram. Jon said in an interview that Hannah told him they’re all doing well.

Kate’s post on Mother’s Day celebrated her kids’ 20th birthday and marked the end of their teenage years. She shared her love for them and added a funny hashtag about feeling old.