Sean “Diddy” Combs has apologized for assaulting his ex-girlfriend Cassandra “Cassie” Ventura after CCTV footage showed him kicking and pushing her in a hotel hallway in 2016.

Diddy and his ex girlfriend were seen at a movie screening in LA about one week before the video was purportedly filmed
Diddy and his ex-girlfriend were seen at a movie screening in LA about one week before the video was purportedly filmed

In a video posted on his Instagram, the rapper admitted to his “inexcusable” actions, which were shown in a clip aired by CNN earlier this week.

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“I was disgusted when I did it. I’m disgusted now,” he said. “I sought professional help and started going to therapy and rehab. I asked God for his mercy and grace. I’m so sorry.”

He also stated his commitment to becoming a better person every day.

However, lawyers for Ms. Ventura told CBS News that Diddy’s apology was more focused on himself than on the people he hurt.

“When Cassie and multiple other women came forward, he denied everything and suggested that his victims were looking for money,” lawyer Meredith Firetog said. “His apology, made only after his repeated denials were proven false, shows his pathetic desperation and no one will be swayed by his insincere words.”

The Video has not been verified, it seems to be a compilation of surveillance footage from March 5, 2016.

The Diddy video footage released by CNN shows a man identified as Mr. Combs pushing Ms. Ventura to the floor, kicking her, and attempting to drag her by her shirt while throwing an object at her. It was filmed at the now-closed InterContinental Hotel in Century City, Los Angeles.

Until now, Mr. Combs had not commented on the video.

Ms. Ventura’s lawyers had previously stated: “The gut-wrenching video further confirms the disturbing and predatory behavior of Mr. Combs.”

The Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office said on Friday that the alleged assault in the diddy hotel video might be too old to prosecute.

Mr. Combs and Ms. Ventura started their relationship when she was 19 and he was 37.

Last November, Ms. Ventura settled a lawsuit against Mr. Combs, accusing him of rape and sexual trafficking over a decade, for an undisclosed sum. Mr. Combs’ lawyer, Benjamin Brafman, said at the time that the settlement was “in no way an admission of wrongdoing.”

Since then, several other women have filed lawsuits accusing the rapper of sexual and physical abuse. His homes in Los Angeles and Miami, Florida, were raided last month as part of a federal investigation into human trafficking.