BetaDen Tech Accelerator is currently accepting applications for Cohort 8, providing startups with the opportunity to receive funding of up to £12,000.

BetaDen Tech Accelerator
BetaDen Tech Accelerator

BetaDen, the technology accelerator, is presenting a remarkable opportunity for technology-based businesses in the UK with its Cohort 8.0 program, commencing in June 2024.

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This unique accelerator support package, provided at no cost, is tailored to assist early-stage, growth-driven companies in the technology sector.

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Key Benefits

1. 9-month Hybrid Accelerator Program: A comprehensive program with two days per week delivery, fostering your business’s growth.

2. Financial Support: Access to a £10,000 Proof of Concept grant and £2,000 Marketing funding to fuel your technology-based ventures.

3. No Equity or Joining Fees: BetaDen does not require equity or any joining fees, allowing you to focus on building your business without financial encumbrances.

4. Mentorship: Gain valuable insights from specialist mentors, providing dedicated 1-to-1 advice tailored to your growth strategy.

5. Personal Development Support: Ongoing support for your personal development as an entrepreneur, including coaching, training, and group workshops.

6. Public Profile Enhancement: Actively support your public profile with press releases, potential award nominations, social media, and newsletter updates.

7. Co-Working Space: Enjoy free access to a 24/7 co-working space at the Malvern Hills Science Park, providing a conducive environment for innovation.

8. Extensive Technology Network: Access BetaDen’s extensive technology network, opening doors to collaboration, investment, and development opportunities.

9. Showcase Event: Participate in a ‘Demo-day’ type Showcase event at the end of the program to present your technology solutions.

10. Exclusive Events and Opportunities: Access BetaDen’s exclusive events and speaking opportunities to enhance your business profile.

Eligibility Criteria

– Technology-based businesses in the UK with a commitment to mandatory in-person group sessions and delivery days in Worcestershire.
– Openness to collaboration, investment, and development.
– Early-stage, growth-driven companies with new and emerging technology products, services, and solutions for global competitiveness.

Participation Requirements

– While your business doesn’t need to be based in Worcestershire, registering your business address in Worcestershire for the program’s duration is mandatory for eligibility for funding.
– Attend mandatory in-person group sessions in Worcestershire throughout the program.

Seize the opportunity to propel your technology-based business forward by applying for BetaDen’s Cohort 8.0 program, a transformative journey that combines mentorship, financial support, and valuable resources for your entrepreneurial success. Apply now and be part of the alumni of 50+ founders who have benefited from this unique accelerator experience!

Deadline: March 1, 2024.