ASAP Rocky recently went to court in Los Angeles for a case involving him A$AP, and  Relli. Security footage shown in court suggests that Rocky quickly left the scene after gunshots were fired.

ASAP Rocky
ASAP Rocky

The incident happened in 2021 outside The W hotel in Hollywood, following a disagreement between ASAP Rocky and his former friend Relli. According to a detective, Rocky did fire two shots at Relli.

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The footage, taken from nearby parking garages, shows ASAP Rocky with a gun during an argument. After that, he seems to run away alone. The footage also includes the sound of two gunshots around 10 p.m. on November 6, 2021.

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During questioning, Rocky’s lawyer emphasized that the evidence doesn’t definitively prove ASAP Rocky fired the shots. The LAPD couldn’t find the alleged gun, and the bullet casings didn’t have Rocky’s fingerprints.

The trial highlights the complexities of the case, with unclear evidence and questions about what happened that night in November.

As stated by Judge Meghann Cuniff, the provided evidence from prosecutors is deemed sufficient to proceed with assault charges against Rocky. An arraignment is set for January 8, followed by a trial.

Ephron alleges that tensions escalated when Rocky failed to fulfill a promise to assist a deceased A$AP Mob member’s family. Their meeting at a Los Angeles hotel on November 6, 2021, turned hostile, with Rocky allegedly pointing a gun at Ephron’s stomach, threatening to kill him. Ephron testified he was subsequently shot four times, including once in the hand, before Rocky fled the scene.

Additionally, Ephron is suing A$AP Rocky and his lawyer, Joe Tacopina, for defamation, claiming the attorney orchestrated a media campaign portraying him as dishonest.

Rocky entered a not guilty plea to two charges of assault with a semiautomatic firearm in August 2022 and remains on a $550,000 bond. If convicted, the A$AP Mob co-founder could potentially face a maximum of nine years in prison.