APPLY NOW for Sanwo-Olu ICT Center for a 2-month Fully Funded skill Training beyond the vocational skills and training

Sanwo-Olu ICT Center
Sanwo-Olu ICT Center

Empowerment initiative for socio-economic transformation of economically disadvantaged youths in Lagos State.

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Join our Telegram Channel for Updates

A fully funded training aims to facilitate empowerment extending beyond specific vocational programs.

Mission Statement:

Nurturing and Realizing Potential: Our fully funded training program is dedicated to one central mission: empowering individuals beyond the scope of their vocational training.

We aim to cultivate personal growth and self-belief that extend far beyond the specific skills taught in the program.

It’s about creating enduring empowerment, equipping participants not just with job-specific skills but with the confidence and resilience to excel in any endeavor.

Our program is a transformative journey, fostering empowered individuals who contribute positively to their communities.

Join us in unlocking untapped potential and shaping a brighter future beyond mere vocational training.

Leadership Team:

Our diverse leadership team is dedicated to achieving our goals, bringing a wealth of experience, expertise, and a shared commitment to the vision. Get to know the dedicated professionals who lead us forward.

Training Programs:

Mixology: Explore the world of mixology, mastering the craft of creating exquisite drinks. Learn mixological techniques, flavor pairings, and presentation for a successful career in the beverage industry.

Tailoring: Embark on a creative journey with our Tailoring course. Discover the art of fashion design and garment construction, from sewing fundamentals to pattern making.

Catering: Indulge your culinary passion with our Catering course. Explore food preparation, presentation, and event planning. Acquire the skills to excel in the dynamic world of catering.

Makeup And Gele: Elevate your beauty skills with our Makeup course. Dive into the world of cosmetics, from basic techniques to advanced artistry.

ShoeMaking: Step into the world of craftsmanship with our shoe-making course. Acquire the skills to design and craft custom footwear.

Manicure and Pedicure: Elevate your beauty expertise with our Pedicure and Manicure course. Dive into the art of nail care, learning techniques for exquisite hands and feet.

How to Apply:

Admission Process: Choosing a school for our children is one of the most important decisions we as parents make. Arrange an appointment to visit us and experience the unrivaled learning experience at Greenville.