The Young Nigerian Rights Organisation (YNRO), a civil society group, has expressed concern about the influx of illegal immigrants into Delta State.

Young Nigerian Rights Organisation
Young Nigerian Rights Organisation

According to the organization, these migrants are entering the state from various African countries, including Mali, Sierra Leone, Senegal, Chad, Burkina Faso, Guinea, Algeria, and others.

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Lead Activist of YNRO, Comrade Victor Ojei, also known as Wongbox, raised an alarm about the safety of individuals in Delta State, stating that even those in the State House are not immune to the criminals and bandits operating smoothly in the state.

Ojei emphasized the urgent need to prioritize the public interest of the Delta State people and called for a collaborative effort between Deltans and security agencies.

He urged the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) and the Department of State Services (DSS) to take action and work with Operation Delta Hawk to apprehend the illegal migrants and prevent their influx into the state.

Ojei suggested involving the hunters’ association and vigilantes in each local government area through traditional rulers to help monitor and control illegal migration.

Ojei proposed a practical approach, suggesting the training of youths for aerial surveillance with the support of security agencies. He emphasized the importance of speaking the truth and providing information to support security agencies in their efforts.

Comptroller of NIS, Delta State Command, Emmanuel Akinrinsola, issued a warning to residents harboring illegal immigrants, stating that harboring illegal immigrants is now a punishable offense under the Nigerian Immigration Act of 2015.

Akinrinsola emphasized the need for residents to report any suspicious foreigners to the immigration service, promising that the law would be applied rigorously.


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