US Diplomat Charge d’Affaires, Mr. David Greene, has urged the Nigerian government and its people to harness and invest significantly in the country’s agricultural potential for improved economic development.

United State US dilpomat
United State (US)

Speaking during a visit to Agbayewa Farms in Ipao Ekiti, Ikole Ekiti, Greene emphasized the need to maximize the agricultural potential to enhance the country’s economic growth.

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Accompanied by Consul General William Stevens and other embassy officials, Greene commended the Agbayewa Farms, describing it as remarkable and capable of driving positive change.

He highlighted the importance of addressing security and food security concerns in Nigeria, emphasizing that the agricultural sector holds substantial potential that remains underutilized.

The US diplomat acknowledged the ongoing efforts in Nigeria’s agricultural sector, including investments in dairy farming and cocoa production in Ekiti State. He expressed the need for collaborative initiatives and innovations to benefit Nigerians, boost export yields, and contribute to the nation’s economic revolution.

John Niyi Olajide, Chairman of CAVISTA Holdings, the organization overseeing Agbayewa Farms, emphasized their commitment to creating value, transforming lives, and supporting local farmers. The farm’s focus on cassava cultivation and yield improvement initiatives aims to enhance farmers’ livelihoods and contribute to economic development in Ekiti State.

Olajide highlighted the significance of providing a ready market for farmers, eliminating post-harvest losses, and fostering wealth creation through farming. He emphasized that investing in agriculture and creating job opportunities are essential measures to address security challenges, citing the positive impact of economic investment in deterring criminal activities.

The Agbayewa Farms, spanning over 15,000 hectares in Ekiti State, with 8,000 hectares actively under cultivation, serves as a model for inclusive agro-allied development, focusing on crops such as cassava, yam, maize, vegetables, tomatoes, pepper, plantain, and melon. The farm’s goal is to employ tens of thousands of people, providing opportunities for economic empowerment through farming.

The Ekiti State Commissioner for Agriculture highlighted the state’s partnership with Agbayewa Farms through a Public Private Partnership (PPP) arrangement, aiming to replicate the farm’s success in other parts of the state. The state government is clearing land for cluster farming, ensuring productivity and addressing security concerns to support agricultural activities.

The collaboration between the government and Agbayewa Farms represents a commitment to sustainable agricultural practices, job creation, and economic development in the region.


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