Our monthly handbook showcasing the finest completely remote jobs includes newcomers and an increased array of opportunities for applications.

Remote jobs
Remote jobs

As March unfolds on the calendar, job seekers may observe a surge in new job listings. This is attributed to many companies gaining clarity on their budgets for the upcoming financial year, commencing in April.

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The ongoing FY24 hiring spree encompasses a significant number of fully remote job opportunities, rendering this period one of the most favorable times of the year to secure a position with the desired flexibility.

In the post-pandemic era, the benefits of remote work are no longer a secret. The cost savings from avoiding daily commutes and excessive coffee expenses, not to mention the positive impact on reducing carbon emissions, are evident.

The time reclaimed from not navigating through traffic also allows for reinvestment in personal relationships and hobbies. Studies, such as our Impact of Technology on the Workplace report, underline the clear correlation between fully remote work and job satisfaction.

Assuming you’re already convinced, let’s delve into the best fully remote jobs available for application in March 2024.


Microsoft has been a frontrunner in championing remote work, earning the top spot among remote work companies according to the reputable careers site Indeed. Currently, Microsoft is actively recruiting for nearly 1,300 positions worldwide that offer “up to 100% work from home” flexibility.

In the United States alone, Microsoft is hiring for nearly 800 fully remote jobs this March, with a strong emphasis on roles like software engineers. Additionally, there are abundant opportunities in sales, marketing, and various support functions.

Compensation at Microsoft is typically generous, and the tech giant is particularly interested in adding experienced professionals to its workforce, often offering salaries exceeding $100,000.

While remote jobs requiring no qualifications may need to be sought elsewhere, Microsoft can be an ideal choice if you possess a robust resume and desire to work from home most or all of the time. Here’s a glimpse of some of the fully remote jobs available at Microsoft in March:

1. Principal Content Manager
2. Technical Program Manager
3. Senior Abuse and Fraud Specialist
4. Software Engineer (multiple levels and vacancies)
5. Copilot Integrated Marketing Lead
6. Technical Support Engineer
7. Senior Data Scientist
8. Technology Consultant – Data & AI
9. Principal Security Researcher
10. Senior Director, Partner Sales

For specific details, including salary ranges and to apply for these positions, visit the Microsoft careers site.

Williams Sonoma

Joining the ranks of remote job opportunities is Williams-Sonoma, making its debut as a dark horse this month. Yes, it’s the same Williams-Sonoma known for those luxurious chocolate-covered strawberries you generously gift your boss every Christmas (even though that promotion is still pending, prompting your visit here).

As a billion-dollar company with numerous stores across the US and globally, including high-profile sub-brands like Pottery Barn, Williams-Sonoma is currently advertising several intriguing remote jobs. While certain segments of this multinational company may be leaning towards a return-to-office policy, its customer care division proudly maintains an almost 85% fully remote workforce.

Though not as numerous as some of the major players on this list, these positions offer entry-level opportunities, serving as an excellent starting point if your resume isn’t doubling as a doorstop. Additionally, Williams-Sonoma currently features at least one part-time opportunity, catering to those seeking a more flexible schedule for family or side hustles.

Here are some of the remote job opportunities at Williams-Sonoma:

1. Chargeback Associate, Fraud Operations
2. Customer Service Representative (Full-time)
3. Customer Service Representative (Part-time)
4. Project Manager
5. Virtual Design Studio Specialist x2

To apply for these roles, visit the Williams-Sonoma customer care team site


When it comes to Google, things can be a bit paradoxical. Despite the company indicating penalties for employees resistant to returning to the office, it continues to widely offer remote work as a perk for various roles.

As of March 2024, Google is actively hiring for over 75 positions listed as “remote eligible.” However, these opportunities are not for the faint-hearted, as the application process entails a rigorous interview procedure, coupled with prerequisites such as multiple years of experience in the relevant field and a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.

Google’s Cloud division appears to be undergoing a hiring spree, with several fully remote job openings currently available:

1. Data Analytics and AI Sales Lead, Public Sector
2. Data Center Architect
3. Senior Information Security Engineer
4. Staff Research Scientist, Google Research
5. Enterprise Field Sales Representative, Google Cloud
6. Tech Lead, Product Security Engineering
7. Field Solutions Engineer I, Generative AI, Google Cloud
8. Developer Relations Engineer

For more details on these positions and other opportunities, visit Google’s careers website.

CVS Health

CVS, with its extensive network of nearly 10,000 stores across the United States, is a well-known drugstore chain. While you might primarily associate CVS with part-time positions during the summer or senior year, it’s important to recognize its significant presence as a work-from-home (WFH) employer.

The company continues to stand out with almost 400 fully remote job openings as of March, slightly fewer than the approximately 700 openings noted in February. This decrease indicates that CVS successfully filled around 300 remote positions last month.

The current remote job opportunities cover various departments, including government relations, technology, clinical services, program management, and business administration. Here are some noteworthy remote positions available at CVS:

1. Senior Analyst, Resource Planning
2. Case Manager (multiple vacancies)
3. Medical Director, Behavioral Health (Special Investigations)
4. Senior Manager, Actuarial Services
5. Senior Android Engineer
6. Inbound Queue Associate, Behavioral Health
7. Senior Technical Program Manager
8. Medicaid Pharmacy Support Technician
9. Quality Assurance Consultant

These are just a few examples, and you can explore more fully remote job opportunities and apply on the CVS careers website.


While Amazon has been a vocal proponent of the return to the office movement, there is still a notable presence of remote job opportunities within the company.

Despite its strict stance on returning to the office, Amazon acknowledges that remote working is a crucial aspect of its business growth. As of March, there are over 70 remote job vacancies available, indicating an increase from the previous month.

Amazon is a significant global employer, and individuals with technical expertise will find a variety of remote roles. Here are some notable remote job opportunities at Amazon this month:

1. Senior Operations Engineer (multiple vacancies)
2. Regional PR Manager
3. Senior Software Engineer, Mobile Video
4. Senior Penetration Testing Engineer, AWS Gen AI Security
5. Creative Director, Art (Twitch)
6. Launch Training Manager, Amazon Fresh Stores
7. Senior Content Editor, Strategic Seller Comms
8. Salesforce Developer, Ring

To explore these opportunities and apply, visit Amazon’s job search site.