With 1.6 million followers tuning in to watch her dance videos and comedy sketches on TikTok, Hannah Milton reveals that despite her online success, she often feels isolated due to the abuse she receives.

Hannah Milton
Hannah Milton

Hannah, a 21-year-old university student, confesses that she finds it difficult to confide in others about the hateful comments she regularly encounters.

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Producing her TikTok and Instagram content from the comfort of her bedroom, Hannah admits that she prefers this solitary approach.

However, she admits, “When my videos gain traction and go viral, that’s when the trolling intensifies.”

“A common belief is that online hate doesn’t affect you, but I beg to differ,” says Hannah, who turned to creating digital content in 2020 as a way to combat lockdown boredom while residing in South Wales.

“Unable to pursue my passion for acting due to Covid restrictions, I decided to bring my talents home.”

She adds, “TikTok became my form of entertainment.”

Since then, her audience has grown significantly, and alongside her sketches, dances, and makeup tutorials, Hannah also hosts live streams on TikTok, sometimes lasting up to eight hours.

“You’re constantly engaging with your audience, which I don’t mind,” she remarks. “It’s only when your feet start to ache, and you find yourself swaying side to side. But I adore it.”

Despite her busy schedule of university studies and daily content creation, Hannah finds solace in her cheerleading activities, which provide temporary respite from the pressures of online fame and the associated negativity.

Reflecting on her journey, Hannah recalls idolizing YouTubers during her teenage years and expresses her excitement at being able to follow in their footsteps.

However, she acknowledges that many young people are unprepared for the onslaught of social media fame and credits her strong bond with her mother for helping her cope with the trolling.

“People often underestimate the challenges of content creation,” Hannah reflects. “In reality, it’s a constant battle against hate, requiring immense motivation, time, and effort.”

Abi Butcher, founder of Creator Productions and Hannah’s manager, echoes this sentiment, emphasizing the pressure and scrutiny that comes with being in the public eye. She emphasizes the need for influencers to prioritize their mental well-being and take breaks from content creation if necessary.


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