APPLY for The Whickers Film & TV Funding Award 2024, which offers funding of up to £100,000.

The Whickers Film & TV Funding Award 2024
The Whickers Film & TV Funding Award 2024

The prestigious Whickers Film & TV Funding Award, an annual accolade, awaits the most promising pitch for a director-led documentary from an emerging filmmaker worldwide.

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Established in 2015, The Whickers film honors the legacy of iconic broadcaster Alan Whicker by supporting original and innovative documentaries.

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This opportunity serves as a beacon for emerging film and audio documentary-makers, providing funding and recognition for director-led programs.

Award Details:

– Main Award: £100,000
– Development Award (Runner-up): £20,000

Eligibility for the whickers film fund

– Open to filmmakers globally, encouraging international participation.
– The filmmaker’s first 50+ minute documentary film where they hold the director or co-director credit.
– Projects must be in the late development to early production stage (not a finishing fund).
– Award money cannot be paid to an individual; proof of company viability, fiscal sponsor, or nominated production company is required.
– Submission of up to six minutes of original taster footage is mandatory.

– Must be accessible for an English-speaking audience (English language or subtitled in English).
– Executive producer must be on board at the time of applying.
– Shortlisted applicants must be available to pitch their project at Sheffield DocFest in June (travel and accommodation covered by The Whickers).
– Budget for the documentary film should not exceed £400,000 at the time of application.
– Applicants with other funding sources over £300,000 are not eligible.

What They Look For:

1. Director-led Story:
– Strong interviewing skills.
– Passion for the subject with fair-mindedness.
– Independence and avoidance of ‘Whicker impersonations.’
– Wry humor is welcome.

2. Engagement:
– Unique access to characters in unusual or inaccessible locations.
– Allowing contributor’s stories to emerge authentically.
– Coaxing the human spirit to reveal itself without overshadowing the subject.

3. Curiosity:

– Spirit of inquisitiveness leaving viewers wanting more.
– Uncovering something new and unexpected about the world.
– Exciting wonder and illuminating real-life drama.

4. Original Use of Technology

– Playful with storytelling means, breaking new ground or reinventing old ground with a fresh style.

5. Not Partisan

– No campaigning, pre-set agendas, or political theories.

This award beckons storytellers with a passion for discovery, an inventive approach to technology, and a commitment to genuine, non-partisan narratives. If you’re a filmmaker ready to captivate audiences and contribute something truly unique to the world of documentaries, this is your opportunity. The Whickers await your compelling pitch that transcends boundaries and enriches the world of storytelling.

Deadline: January 31, 2024