Regarding the Strike On Monday, the leaders of the labour union went to the Agodi secretariat, the Oyo State Government’s headquarters, to remove workers who had ignored orders from the national union leaders.


The state leaders of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), Comrade Kayode Martins, and the Trade Union Congress (TUC), Comrade Bosun Olabiyi, supervised the removal of workers from their offices at the State Secretariat.

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Earlier that day, workers had returned to their offices, resuming normal activities despite the union’s directive. This led to the labour leaders’ enforcement action later in the day.

Meanwhile, Federal Government institutions like the federal government secretariat, University College Hospital, and banks in the city were closed as their staff stayed committed to the strike.

The strike was a response to the federal government’s failure to implement the minimum wage demand and reverse the electricity tariff hike. It disrupted key government offices and major activities in the state.

Speaking to workers at the secretariat, the state’s NLC chairman criticized the federal government for being uncaring and focusing on trivial issues like reverting to the old national anthem instead of addressing important economic problems affecting workers.

Martins said the government was out of touch with the people’s needs and unwilling to listen to their concerns, which led to the workers’ drastic action. He highlighted the unbearable cost of living and rising prices, accusing the government of ignoring the people’s suffering.

He stated that the labour force would not give up their fight for justice and that the government must address the needs and interests of the Nigerian people. “We will keep fighting until our voices are heard and our concerns are addressed,” he said.

Similarly, state TUC chairman, Comrade Olabiyi, emphasized the union’s commitment to standing firm. He pointed out that negotiations for a minimum wage increase had failed, leading to the nationwide strike. He urged the federal government to reconsider their stance and meet their demands.

“We deserve wages that reflect the current economic reality,” Olabiyi said. “We will not back down until our voices are heard and our demands met.”