The Southern Nigerian People’s Mandate (SNPM) has issued an urgent call to President Bola Tinubu to address the prevailing economic hardship faced by the masses.


In a statement, Mr. Augustine Chukwudum, the President of SNPM, expressed concern over the worsening economic and security conditions since the president assumed office last year.

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Chukwudum criticized the removal of the fuel subsidy, stating that it, despite its absence in the first place, has brought severe hardship to Nigerians.

He accused past and present leaders of insincerity, alleging that they make promises of a better life during campaigns only to become indifferent to the citizens’ plight upon assuming office.

Highlighting the escalating prices of food and commodities, Chukwudum accused the president of providing false assurances about the government’s improvement over its predecessors. He emphasized the need to demand good governance, emphasizing that the president was elected as a leader and not a dictator.

The SNPM presented suggestions to improve the economy and enhance citizens’ lives, including the call for the Federal Government to strengthen the national currency by setting the exchange rate at one Dollar to N200.

Additionally, the NNPC was urged to cease the export of raw crude oil, advocating for local refining to be conducted within Nigeria. Chukwudum proposed that supporting entities like the Dangote Group, with the refining capacity, could eliminate corruption within the NNPC, preventing the looting of trillions of naira in non-existent subsidies.

The recovered funds, according to Chukwudum, could then be redirected towards crucial capital projects essential for national development.


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