Sister Shubomi: Naira Marley detained without proof, is a human rights violation.”

Sister Shubomi: Naira Marley detained without proof, is a human rights violation."
Marley detained without proof is a human rights violation.”

Shubomi, the sister of the embattled musician Naira Marley, has expressed strong disapproval of her brother’s prolonged detention, labeling it a violation of his human rights.

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Recall that earlier this month, the Magistrate Court in the Yaba area of Lagos State ordered the detention of both Sam Larry and Marley while the investigation continued into the circumstances surrounding Mohbad’s death. This action was taken in response to considerable public demand for justice after the singer’s controversial demise and multiple accusations against his former boss, Marley, for bullying him.

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Shubomi, in a statement posted on her Instagram story, lamented that Naira Marley has been held in custody for nearly 30 days without being formally charged, despite voluntarily returning to the country.

She also suggested that her brother was being detained to appease the public sentiment on social media.

In her own words, “Keeping someone who willingly returned to assist in detention for nearly 30 days, without any formal charges, evidence, or adequate witnesses is a clear violation of his human rights. Detaining him to appease social media and online public sentiment is irrational.”

“If you have evidence to charge him with any of the accusations, then do so! But if you don’t, then release him. It should not take this long to conclude the investigation.”

“We all seek the truth! We all desire justice. So, what is the reason for the delay? We have already lost one individual, and trying to unfairly accuse another will not lead to justice.”

While Shubomi acknowledges that divine providence is in control, she hopes that no one ever has to endure false accusations of a crime they did not commit, alluding to the hashtag #freenairamarley.

The public outcry and demand for justice reached its peak when evidence surfaced suggesting that Naira Marley had a history of mistreatment toward Mohbad, fueling suspicions of foul play in his untimely death.

The court’s decision to keep both Sam Larry and Naira Marley in custody was seen as a significant step toward unraveling the truth behind Mohbad’s tragic demise.