The Senate is leading the charge for the passage of the NYSC Trust Fund Bill as a response to the ongoing unemployment crisis among graduates.

NYSC Camp Registration
NYSC Camp Registration:

The bill seeks to equip corps members with vital skills during their mandatory one-year service and offer access to funding for establishing small-scale businesses based on these acquired skills.

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Senator Adeyemi Adaramodu, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Media and Public Affairs and the bill’s sponsor underscored the importance of preventing misuse of the Trust Fund.

He emphasized the presence of structural safeguards and mechanisms to ensure transparency and accountability.

The proposed Trust Fund would incorporate representation of young adults on its Board of Trustees, providing a platform for their perspectives to be considered.

Furthermore, Adaramodu assured that the NYSC’s framework would undergo minimal modifications, with changes primarily focused on trustee members and procurement procedures.


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