Finidi George resigned as Nigeria’s coach after a draw against Bafana Bafana and a defeat to Benin in the 2026 FIFA World Cup qualifiers.

Finidi George
Finidi George


George was appointed as Nigeria’s coach in April and led the team in the 2026 FIFA World Cup qualifiers against South Africa and Benin. The Super Eagles drew 1-1 with South Africa and lost 2-1 to Benin, placing them fifth in Group C. George has now resigned, frustrated by the Nigeria Football Federation’s (NFF) plans to bring in a technical advisor.

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“Finidi confirmed to me that he resigned his position indeed,” Udoh stated according to Daily Post. “He met with the NFF on Thursday, and they had a productive conversation. They discussed future plans, and Finidi asked if he would continue in his role. During the meeting, no one mentioned appointing a foreign technical advisor,” Udoh added.

“The NFF board had decided on Wednesday to appoint a technical advisor. Finidi only found out when he landed in Port Harcourt and someone informed him. He checked the news link to confirm it was true,” Udoh continued. “After waiting two days without any communication from the NFF, Finidi felt unwanted and decided to resign.”


George’s brief tenure as the Super Eagles’ coach highlights the challenges facing Nigerian football. The new coach will inherit a team struggling in the 2026 FIFA World Cup qualifiers, making it a tough task to revive their fortunes.


The NFF is now back to searching for a new coach, who must be appointed before the 2025 Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers in September. George, now unattached, is free to pursue opportunities with other teams.