Embark on a transformative journey with Poder Green Academy’s Women in Green Jobs training COHORT 3.0, proudly sponsored by IHS Towers and in collaboration with sustainability experts.

Poder Green Academy
Poder Green Academy

We extend a warm invitation to qualified and passionate young female graduates to join our free training program in sustainable energy.

Join our Telegram Channel for Updates

Join our Telegram Channel for Updates

Our training transcends conventional education, offering a unique opportunity to acquire cutting-edge knowledge and practical skills in sustainability, circular economy, and renewable energy.

Enrolling in Poder Green Academy not only provides access to free programs but also includes a complimentary COREN certification for Solar installers.

By joining us, you become part of a dynamic network of sustainability leaders, positioning yourself at the forefront of positive change. Don’t miss this chance to shape a brighter, greener future for our community and the world. Seize the opportunity, fill out the application form, and become a catalyst for a sustainable and impactful tomorrow.

Courses Available

  • Data Science
  • Circular Economy
  • Solar Engineering



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