Pepework, a forward-thinking company in the realm of job creation and employment opportunities, has recently introduced a new platform tailored to support freelancers and alleviate the burden of unemployment in the country.


As the demand for flexible work arrangements and alternative income streams continues to grow, Pepework’s innovative solution provides a much-needed lifeline for those struggling to secure stable employment.

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The platform serves as a meeting point for users and freelancers, enabling individuals to hire professionals in various fields for virtual jobs.

Mr. Daniel Akinyemi, the founder of Pepework International Nig. Ltd., expressed enthusiasm about the official launch of the Freelancers’ Marketplace, anticipating the creation of millions of remote jobs.

He stated, “We are here for our business launch and product presentation. As a blockchain developer, we have been working for the past few months to design a product that will empower people to work from their mobile phones anywhere in the world and earn money in dollars.”

Akinyemi highlighted the key features of the Freelancers’ Marketplace, emphasizing security, a flexible payment system, and opportunities for freelancers to showcase their services. Payments are securely held within the platform until the job is satisfactorily completed, providing a level of assurance for both parties.

While acknowledging existing platforms like Upwork as their model, Akinyemi pointed out the unique aspects of Pepework’s offering.

The platform allows users and freelancers to send and receive payments in crypto, with lower transaction fees. Additionally, users can enjoy a cash-back reward of five percent for transactions over $2000 on the platform.

Attendees, including Mr. Oladeji Ape, commended the initiative, recognizing its potential to benefit Nigerians and lauding the founder as a visionary.

Ape, who identified as a crypto investor, praised the decentralized system and blockchain community being built by Pepework, considering it a positive innovation for the country.

In summary, Pepework’s Freelancers’ Marketplace presents a valuable opportunity for individuals seeking flexible work and businesses looking to engage professional services in a virtual space, thereby contributing to job creation and economic empowerment.