The Oyakhilome Foundation has awarded $125,000 in grants to the top 10 winners of the Future Africa Leadership Award.

Oyakhilome Foundation
Oyakhilome Foundation

During a media briefing in Lagos, Olajumoke Ola-Akinsanya, Senior Executive Officer of FALA, announced that the Oyakhilome Foundation Initiative had awarded $125,000 to the top 10 winners of the Future Africa Leadership Award. The grant is intended to support development initiatives in their respective countries.

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Ola-Akinsanya explained that the selection process involved a careful evaluation of 30 nominees based on the impact, innovation, and sustainability of their projects.

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The top 10 candidates were selected, with each recipient receiving $10,000. The overall winner, Mariama Gendemh from Sierra Leone, received an additional $25,000 as the star prize.

Expressing gratitude for the grant, Gendemh outlined plans to address food security and socio-economic issues in Sierra Leone. Her foundation aims to combat malnutrition through agricultural initiatives focused on providing food for the community.

Temisan, a representative of the Oyakhilome Foundation, emphasized the award’s objective of recognizing outstanding young African leaders making a tangible impact in their communities.

The initiative seeks to address Africa’s leadership deficit by empowering young Africans to contribute significantly to the development of their societies, emphasizing the pivotal role of Africans in driving Africa’s progress.


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