Senator Osita Ngwu, the Senate Minority Whip representing Enugu West Senatorial District, has provided detailed insights into the recent circumstances surrounding his predecessor and former Deputy President of the Senate, Senator Ike Ekweremadu in the United States.

Osita Ngwu
Osita Ngwu

According to Senator Ngwu, Senator Ekweremadu, who has been in the public eye due to his recent health issues, expressed deep gratitude for the outpouring of prayers and support he has received from Nigerians across various spheres of life.

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The clarification comes in response to what Senator Ngwu termed as “unfounded accusations” against Ekweremadu, circulating in a news report. He conveyed that during his recent visit to Ekweremadu, the former Deputy Senate President acknowledged the mercy and kindness of God in his life.

Despite facing challenging health circumstances, Ekweremadu reportedly accepted his situation with faith and grace. Importantly, there was no expression of sentiment suggesting that he felt abandoned by the Nigerian people.

Senator Ngwu expressed concern and dismay over the misleading information being disseminated by some individuals. He questioned the motives behind such actions, especially when they involve false accusations that could potentially harm Ekweremadu’s reputation.

He stressed that Ike holds a special place in the hearts of the people in the Enugu West District, emphasizing the former deputy president’s dedicated service to the constituents.

The Senator condemned the act of spreading false information and urged against biased journalism. He emphasized the need for responsible reporting, particularly during challenging times when individuals like Ike may be vulnerable due to health concerns.

Senator Ngwu reiterated that Ike’s contributions to the district and the nation are well-recognized, and any attempt to tarnish his image with false allegations is an act of mischief.

In conclusion, Senator Ngwu called for unity and solidarity, urging Nigerians to rally behind Ike during his health challenges.

He criticized those who might be exploiting the situation for personal gain and assured that they would take legal measures to protect Ike from any unwarranted attacks on his reputation.