Nigerian woman named Tolulope Fayokun, a senior manager at Johnson & Johnson, has won a discrimination case against the pharmaceutical company.

Nigerian woman named Tolulope Fayokun
Nigerian woman named Tolulope Fayokun

Fayokun alleged racial profiling by her boss, Alessandra Toro, leading to her dismissal in early 2020. The employment tribunal determined that Toro had discriminated against Fayokun by referring to her Nigerian origins.

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The tribunal heard that Toro created a document outlining ‘Nigerian traits,’ suggesting that Fayokun was lazy and operated on ‘African time,’ implying a lack of punctuality.

Toro allegedly expressed differences in perspectives on deadlines and workplace flexibility, stating, “I’m different from Nigeria.”

Following Fayokun’s dismissal, she filed a lawsuit for race discrimination, and the tribunal judge concluded that she had been unfairly racially profiled.

Fayokun’s professional journey at Johnson & Johnson was discussed during the tribunal, highlighting strained relations with Toro and the presentation of the alleged racially profiling document.

While compensation for Fayokun will be determined in a subsequent hearing,

Additional claims made by her, including unfair dismissal, victimization, harassment, and religious, and racial discrimination, were dismissed by the tribunal.


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