The founder and Chief Executive Officer of Memphis Neurosurgery Hospital in Enugu, Prof. Sam Ohaegbulam, has expressed concern about the perceived disregard for academic professors by the Nigerian government.

Prof. Sam Ohaegbulam
Prof. Sam Ohaegbulam

He stated that the tendency to favor politicians over professors has contributed to Nigeria’s current state. Prof. Ohaegbulam shared these views at the Amedeo event center in Enugu during the Night of Tribute held in honor of Prof. Anezionwu Okoro, who passed away on Tuesday, January 20, 2024.

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Describing Prof. Okoro as a man of exceptional humility, Prof. Ohaegbulam highlighted Okoro’s ability to resolve disputes and his dedication as a committed teacher.

He lamented the treatment of professors in Nigeria, citing the disparity in pensions between professors and politicians who serve short terms in government. Prof. Ohaegbulam emphasized the need for a change in this trend for the betterment of the country.

HRH Edmund Nminyem, the traditional ruler of Nandom Traditional Area in the Upper West Region of Ghana, praised Prof. Okoro as the greatest dermatologist in Africa and a Pan African per excellence. He acknowledged Okoro’s significant contributions to literature, science, politics, and humanities, calling for his immortalization and celebration.

Mr. Jake Epelle, the Founder of the Albino Foundation, spoke about Okoro’s impact on persons with albinism, noting that the literary icon had been treating them since 1954. He described Okoro as inspiring, touching lives, and a mentor to those with albinism.

In a sermon, Venerable Emeka Ezeji of All Saint Anglican Church, Enugu, added that Okoro was an eminent Anglican who lived his life for others, a lovely human being who rendered service to humanity. Venerable Ezeji highlighted Okoro’s extensive contributions, not only in academia but also in poetry and social interactions. He urged Okoro’s children to continue the legacies he left behind.


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