Are you a Nigerian graduate gearing up for the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Program? Are you curious about the prerequisites for camp registration, the essentials to bring, and the prohibited items? If so, we’ve got you covered.

NYSC Camp Registration
Camp Registration

The most unfortunate scenario during your NYSC Orientation camp arrival is discovering incomplete documents. Hence, we strongly advise every potential corps member to thoroughly review this post for a clear understanding of their requirements.

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The NYSC management strictly enforces the rule of sending home individuals with incomplete documents. To streamline and simplify, we’ll categorize the necessities for the NYSC Orientation camp into two groups:

  • Mandatory Camp Necessities 
  • Fundamental Requirements

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NYSC Camp Registration Compulsory Requirements

The following documents are mandatory; without them, officials may not register you at the camp:

Final Year ID Card:

Bring the original and two photocopies of your final year ID card. Obtain your ‘final year identity card’ from your school’s Directorate of Students’ Affairs. Note that NYSC accepts a school ID card as an alternative to the final year ID but not a departmental ID card.


Statement of Result (B.Sc or HND):

Carry the original and four photocopies of your degree or HND statement of result. If you possess the original certificate, that’s even better. However, if you don’t, bring the official statement of results. If you lack your official statement of result (or original certificate), please do not proceed to the NYSC camp. Foreign-trained graduates must present the original certificate itself (not the statement). Graduates from polytechnics within Nigeria must provide both ND and HND statements of results.

Medical professionals such as doctors, pharmacists, optometrists, and others in the healthcare field are required to bring the following to the camp: their original registration certificate from the respective Nigerian Medical Council, Pharmacist Board, or Optometrist Registration Council, as well as proof of completed house manship or internship.


NYSC Call-Up Letter

Always remember to bring your call-up letter with you! You should have the original copy and four (4) photocopies on hand. The NYSC will dispatch this letter to you a few days following your online registration. Please refrain from laminating your call-up letter because the NYSC will not accept a laminated version.

NYSC Green Card

Please, ensure that you don’t overlook your Green Card. You should bring the original Green Card and four (4) photocopies. The Green Card is the printed slip you receive after completing your NYSC online registration. Likewise, it’s essential not to laminate it! Please note that both the Green Card and the call-up letter should be printed in color.


Current Passport Photograph

Please ensure you have eight (8) copies of your recent passport photograph with a white or off-white background. Please disregard any advice suggesting you need more than eight copies.

Health Certificate

You should bring two (2) copies of a medical certificate of fitness obtained from a government hospital or military clinic in Nigeria.

Uploaded Documents

For graduates trained abroad, it’s important to take the originals of all the documents you uploaded during the online registration to the camp.


NYSC Camp Essentials (Recommended)

The items listed below are not obligatory for the NYSC camp, but they are indispensable for personal comfort. If you aspire to have a more enjoyable time at NYSC camp, consider bringing the following:


White Round-Neck T-Shirts

These garments are worn daily during the entire 21-day duration of your stay at the NYSC camp. NYSC will provide you with only two, but these two are typically of subpar quality and may not fit you well. Additionally, relying on just two shirts for a 3-week camp stay might not be the most comfortable option.


White Shorts

While NYSC will supply you with two pairs of shorts, they are often of inferior quality and may not fit you correctly. It’s advisable to bring extra pairs to ensure you won’t find yourself in a predicament if they tear or wear out.


White Tennis Shoes and White Socks

While NYSC supplies these, it’s wise to obtain an extra pair for yourself.


Tea or Beverages

This is particularly important if you prefer a stronger brew than the camp’s tea. Some individuals combine their own tea with the camp-provided tea to make it more robust.



Including antiseptics, insect repellent, towels, sanitary pads, and diapers, these items are vital for safeguarding against infections and skin conditions.


Mosquito Net

This is crucial to prevent illness during your NYSC camp stay. A mosquito net will shield you from mosquitoes and other camp insects. Bring one net along with a rope to secure it to your bunk.



It’s essential to carry some cash to the NYSC camp, as many things incur expenses. This includes food, phone charging, photography, laundry services, and more. We recommend bringing at least N20,000 in cash and your ATM card since some camps have ATMs.



A torchlight is indispensable in the NYSC camp, and it’s advisable to invest in rechargeable ones instead of relying solely on your phone’s flashlight.


Waist Pouch

A waist pouch serves as a secure place for keeping your money and safeguarding essential items like phones, money, ID cards, keys, and ATM cards.



To prevent theft, it’s important to have padlocks for your boxes and bags. Many camp attendees have experienced losses due to camp thieves, and you certainly wouldn’t want to become a victim.


Mobile Phone and Portable Power bank Charger

These are crucial for staying connected. If you don’t possess a power bank or a mobile phone, it’s highly recommended to acquire one.



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