On Tuesday, Nigerian Navy operatives conducted a successful raid on an illegal oil refining site located at Abonnema Wharf in the Port Harcourt metropolis of Rivers State.

Nigerian Navy
Nigerian Navy

This operation was carried out following a tip-off, revealing an illicit activity within the city. The security team discovered and confiscated around 750,000 liters of illegally refined Automated Gas Oil (AGO), commonly known as diesel.

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The Commander of Nigerian Navy Ship (NNS) Pathfinder, Commodore Desmond Igbo, addressed journalists after the operation.

He emphasized that the raid was part of the ongoing efforts to curb illegal oil bunkering activities and crude oil theft in the Niger Delta region.

Igbo reiterated the commitment of the Navy to eliminate such economic sabotage, which not only affects the nation’s economy but also poses environmental and safety threats.

The illegal refining site, situated in Abonnema Wharf, within the city of Port Harcourt, highlights the adaptability of oil thieves who have shifted their operations to more urban areas.

Commodore Igbo expressed concerns about the dangers posed by such activities to residents and properties in the vicinity.

In his statement, Igbo emphasized the importance of stopping crude oil theft, calling it an act of sabotaging the nation’s economy.

He underscored the environmental degradation caused by these activities and the potential risks to citizens and property due to the flammable nature of the substances involved.

The Commander urged those involved in economic sabotage to reconsider their actions and engage in legal means of livelihood.

He emphasized the Navy’s dedication to addressing these challenges, even in the face of sabotage and blackmail.

The confiscated products, amounting to 750,000 liters of AGO, will be handed over to the appropriate authorities for further action.

Igbo concluded by advising individuals involved in such illegal activities to refrain and seek legal alternatives for their economic sustenance. The Navy remains resolute in its mission to safeguard the nation’s economy and environment from the detrimental effects of illegal oil-related activities.


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