Nigeria is actively pursuing a partnership with a Chinese firm to enhance and strengthen the country’s steel industry.


The Federal Government of Nigeria is actively engaged in discussions with the Chinese firm Luan Steel Holding Group to set up a new steel plant in the country.

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This ambitious initiative also involves the commencement of construction for military hardware at the Ajaokuta Steel Plant, a key component of the government’s broader agenda to industrialize Nigeria through the steel industry.

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A high-level delegation, led by the Minister of Steel Development, Shuaibu Audu, along with the Minister of Defence, Mohammed Badaru, and the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Steel Development, Mary Ogbe, recently visited the Luan Steel Holding Group in the Hefei and Guangzhou Regions of China.

The purpose of this visit was to explore potential collaborations that could breathe new life into Nigeria’s steel industry. The Ministry of Mines has also sought N35 billion in funding from financial institutions to revitalize the dormant Ajaokuta Steel Company, with plans to restart the light Steel Mill in Ajaokuta and kickstart iron rod production.

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Minister Shuaibu Audu underscored the significance of these discussions in China as a crucial step towards revitalizing Nigeria’s steel industry, aligning with the administration’s overarching vision. He emphasized the potential of this initiative to attract substantial foreign direct investments, stimulate the nation’s economy, and generate numerous job opportunities.

Furthermore, Minister Audu highlighted the strategic importance of manufacturing military hardware at the Ajaokuta steel plant, envisioning its role in addressing issues of insecurity and terrorism within the country.

The Minister expressed optimism about the possibility of commencing commercial steel production in government-owned entities in Nigeria before the end of President Tinubu’s administration, citing the encouraging commitments made during discussions with the Luan Steel Holding Group.

The purpose of the delegation’s visit was to assess Luan steel plants firsthand before finalizing decisions. This aligns seamlessly with the government’s objective of revitalizing the Nigerian steel industry and leveraging strategic partnerships to enhance national security and foster economic growth.

The ongoing efforts reflect a concerted drive towards industrialization and self-sufficiency in key sectors for the nation’s sustainable development.


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