The distinctive humor and remarkable presence of Mr Ibu in the movies he was featured in will forever be etched in the memories of fans and colleagues.

Mr Ibu movies
Mr Ibu movies

The Nollywood community was plunged into grief on Saturday with the passing of the comedic actor, John Okafor, widely known as Mr Ibu, at the age of 62. Mr Ibu’s demise, attributed to cardiac arrest, marked the end of an era in Nollywood.

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Nevertheless, the legendary actor has left an indelible mark on the industry and the lives of millions of Nigerians. His unparalleled comedic talent and compelling performances in various movies have secured him a lasting place in the hearts of fans and fellow actors.

In tribute to his legacy, here are five unforgettable movies that exemplified Mr Ibu’s comedic prowess and cemented his status as a household name in Nigeria.

Mr. Ibu (2004)

The film “Mr. Ibu” is a defining moment in John Okafor’s career, showcasing his exceptional comedic timing and charming demeanor. This comedy masterpiece features Mr. Ibu navigating through various amusing scenarios, solidifying Okafor’s position as a revered icon in the Nollywood industry.

Mr. Ibu in London (2004)

In “Mr. Ibu in London,” the iconic character finds himself in the bustling British city, leading to a series of comedic mishaps that highlight Okafor’s ability to engage and entertain audiences across diverse cultures. His role in this sequel is both uplifting and hilariously entertaining.

Police Recruit (2003)

Before achieving immense success as Mr. Ibu, Okafor made an appearance in “Police Recruit,” a film that highlights his comedic prowess in a story revolving around a man’s comically disastrous journey through police training. His performance in this film showcases his innate ability to evoke laughter.

Mr Ibu goes to School (2005)

In this movie, Mr. Ibu takes on the role of John Bull, a village youth who decides to return to secondary school instead of attending adult school. Despite being the least academically inclined in his class, John Bull becomes a school prefect.

Nicodemus (2003)

In “Nicodemus,” Mr. Ibu portrays an electrical repairman with a limited skill set, adept only at unbolting and bolting screws in appliances. With little regard for family, discipline, work efficiency, or love at home, Nicodemus operates solely on vibes.