Microsoft Corp. is set to lay off 1,900 people across its video-game divisions, including at Activision Blizzard, which it recently acquired.


This announcement was made in an email to staff by Microsoft gaming chief Phil Spencer, stating that the cuts represent about 8% of Microsoft’s 22,000 gaming workers.

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The layoffs come after Microsoft closed its $69 billion deal for Activision Blizzard in October, aiming to strengthen its position in the video gaming market and compete more effectively with industry leader Sony.

The move follows similar actions by other video game companies, including Riot Games, that have also implemented mass layoffs.

Expressing empathy for the Blizzard staff affected by the layoffs, Mike Ybarra, the President of Blizzard, who was also impacted, shared a message on X to announce his exit from the company.

In his message, Ybarra thanked those impacted for their meaningful contributions and acknowledged the challenging nature of the news.

He assured them that his energy and support would be focused on those affected and emphasized that the layoffs were not a reflection of their work.

Ybarra also expressed gratitude for the opportunity to lead Blizzard and shape its future, stating that it’s time for him to become Blizzard’s biggest fan from the outside.


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