The Magnates Circle has expressed its dedication to nurturing grassroots entrepreneurs by offering diverse opportunities and educational support.

magnates Circle
Magnetes Circle

President Jide Josef emphasized the significance of knowledge and learning in fostering open-minded individuals and unlocking a myriad of opportunities.

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The organization is committed to empowering Nigerians through information and education. Plans for conferences, workshops, seminars, and various events throughout the year aim to educate and guide newly established businesses and companies.

The Magnates Circle places a strong emphasis on mentorship, ensuring ongoing support to mentees to facilitate the growth and success of their businesses.

President Jide Josef highlighted the organization’s boldness, promoting a mindset that encourages risk-taking and draws inspiration from perseverance.

Emerging entrepreneurs associated with The Magnates Circle can access several benefits, including updated business registration, business insurance, health insurance schemes (HMO), mentorship, and assistance with human rights and legal matters.

In a New Year message to the company’s clients, President Jide Josef emphasized The Magnates Circle’s bold and risk-taking nature, emphasizing the determination never to give up. The group aims to contribute to the development of prosperous grassroots entrepreneurs through a combination of education, mentorship, and support services.


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