Kodak Black - Pistolz & Pearlz (Album)
Kodak Black – Pistolz & Pearlz (Album)


Kodak Black comes through with another new impressive breakthrough hit song titled A Beautiful Rainbow. Check the Lyrics Below!!!


[Lyrics] Kodak Black – A Beautiful Rainbow Lyrics

I smell a way out this relationship, I see myself leavin’, ain’t stayin’ no more
Hate I had to find out my damn self, I won’t mean nothin’ to you anymore
Have you ever seen a rainbow?
I ain’t never seen a nigga stay real too long
I ain’t never seen a bitch happy with one dick
I swear, I’m findin’ myself through this loneliness
I’m gettin’ better at tellin’ people no, I ain’t never puttin’ a bitch over these opiates
The Black & Milds becoming like weed to me, I only smoke ’em ’til probation’s over
I’m goin’ through her phone so I can find some closure
These McQueens like my lucky shoes
Me and three Caucasian bitches just had a rendezvous
Synthetic weed been bringin’ out the best of me
Steppin’ on niggas, my feet got fungus
Everything I do humongous
Pussy nigga snitchin’, we killin’ the witness, my nigga had got adjusted
I’m fuckin’ a million bitches, but I can’t get no woman to love me
Money ain’t brought me happiness, I don’t give a fuck, I got some money
Money don’t make me happy, I be so mad, I crashed the ‘vert
I was already thuggin’, but all this money just made it worse
I’ma pick my misery, I’ma be off Percs, full of syrup
Any nigga say, “Fuck Yak,” it’s a matter of fact, he gon’ get murked
Audiotape the killing
Heartbreaks and healing
Ain’t leaving my ceiling
Bury me in a ditch
In the back of the projects where we used to play with sticks
I was the first young nigga shootin’, bitch, I was the first nigga with a stick
Fifteen years old, G Pharaoh had me robbin’ all the sprints
Runnin’ into phone stores and cash for gold what got me rich
It’ll never be the same, my nigga changed, I seen him switch
Been solo ever since, pourin’ fours in Sierra Mist
I’ma calculate before I make my move
‘Cause I never speak or start to act too soon
‘Cause I’m a sniper, we ain’t for lifers, you ain’t my dog or nothin’
I was blinded by all the fake love, it clouds my judgement
I ain’t never seen a rainbow



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