New Latest Song By Drake – Screw The World (Interlude) mp3 Download. Drake – Screw The World (Interlude) lyrics. For All The Dogs Album MP3 is Here

Drake - For All The Dogs Album
Drake – For All The Dogs Album

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Drake – Screw The World (Interlude) lyrics

[Intro: DJ Screw]
I never player hate
Uh, ’bout to screw the world
Fuck what you doin’, you can’t fuck with my crew

[Freestyle: DJ Screw]
Screw the fuckin’ world on up
Mr. Nine-Six, syrup in my cup
Bustin’ down, smilin’ ’round, and I got them girls
Mr. damn Screw, I would never be with you
Way back in the days, now I’m ballin’, fuck a fade
I don’t give a damn, and I’m pimpin’, pushin’ plays
Popped up, chopped, them boys ain’t gon’ like it
Fuckin’ with the greatest, them boys, they’ll spike it

I can tell you much, player drankin’, damn sober
Never flippin’ through the cut, we ain’t, we ain’t sober
Mr. Nine-Six, big bag of tricks
Right before your eyes, Screwed Up Click
My clique down with million, I’m down with the mean
My homies still drank, push the damn lid
I don’t give a damn ’cause we all got a dub
Came up from a scrub, now I pull up
We go through the door to the floor
I’ma do it and I like to take my shit slow
Uptempo is the beat
I’m laid back and blowin’ on a Sweet
Put your ass to sleep, do it


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