The Labour Party and its caucus in the National Assembly are currently embroiled in a dispute over the scheduled national congresses and conventions.

Labour party
Labour party

The leader of the LP caucus in the House of Representatives, Hon. Afam Ogene, previously asserted that it would be unconventional to hold their convention before conducting state, local government, and ward congresses.

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In response, the national publicity secretary of the LP, Obiora Ifoh, criticized the House of Representatives members, accusing them of failing to represent the interests of the people effectively.

Ifoh emphasized that Ogene’s statement revealed a lack of understanding of the party’s constitution. He clarified that the LP’s constitution differs from those of other parties, such as the APC and PDP.

According to Article 15:1-4 of the LP constitution, there is no equality of tenure, with the national executive having a four-year tenure compared to the three-year tenure for ward, local government, and state executives.

Ifoh also expressed disappointment in Ogene’s claim that the House of Representatives caucus was not adequately informed about the convention, stating that the caucus leader was duly informed. He criticized Ogene for rushing to the media to misinform party members and urged him to act as a liaison between the party leadership and the National Assembly to ensure peace within the party.

Furthermore, Ifoh criticized LP legislators for their apparent lack of engagement on major party decisions and their tendency to prioritize personal interests over the party’s welfare. He highlighted the sacrifices made by Nigerians in electing LP legislators and urged them to act as ambassadors of the people rather than solely focusing on their individual interests.


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