Kannywood actress Amal Umar has been brought before Magistrate Court No. 24 in the Gyadi-Gyadi area of Kano metropolis on charges of allegedly attempting to bribe a law enforcement officer.

Kanywood actress Amal Umar
Kanywood actress Amal Umar

The actress stands accused of attempting to bribe ASP Salisu Bujama, an officer of the Nigeria Police Force (NPF), Zone 1 headquarters in Kano State, with a sum of N250,000.

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According to the prosecutor, the alleged bribery was intended to halt the Police investigation into purported financial misappropriation involving the actress’ boyfriend, identified as Ramadan Inuwa.

The incident came to light when Alhaji Yusuf Adamu, through his lawyer H.I. Dederi, complained to Assistant Inspector General (AIG) Umar Mohd Sanda on August 18, 2022. The complaint detailed allegations of financial mismanagement against Ramadan Inuwa, involving a substantial sum of N40 million from his cell phone business.

Subsequent police investigations revealed that N13 million was transferred to the bank account of Kannywood actress Amal Umar by Inuwa.

CSP Bashir Muhammed, the spokesperson for the Nigerian Police Force, Zone 1, Kano, stated that the actress was summoned for questioning, granted bail, but prevented from leaving in a vehicle purportedly purchased by her boyfriend.

The actress admitted that the funds in her bank account belonged to her boyfriend, although she claimed that he had only transferred N8 million to her.

After being granted bail, Amal Umar sought legal recourse by approaching the High Court of Kano State to halt further police investigations against her.

The court’s decision temporarily restrained the police from pursuing the investigation against the actress, allegedly providing an opportunity for Amal to attempt to bribe Police investigator ASP Salisu Bujama.

The attempt was foiled by the Police, who arrested the actress with evidence of the alleged bribery, leading to her subsequent arraignment before the Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday.

The alleged offense committed by the Kannywood actress violates Section 118 of the Penal Code, which prohibits the bribery of a police officer.


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