Dr. Mansur Nagoda, the Executive Secretary of the Kano State Hospitals Management Board, has announced the dismissal of three staff members from Kabo General Hospital due to allegations of overcharging patients for X-ray services, charging them N12,000 instead of the approved hospital price of N2,000.

Kano State
Kano State

In a statement released on Monday by Samira Suleiman, the Public Relations Officer of the Hospitals Management Board in Kano, it was disclosed that the Board also sanctioned the suspension of the Accountant, Auditor, and Head of Laboratory for selling free HIV test kits provided to health facilities by the state government.

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The affected individuals have been instructed to report to the Board Headquarters for further disciplinary measures. These punitive actions are effective immediately.

The personnel were apprehended during an unscheduled executive supervision visit to the facility, conducted by a team comprising the Executive Secretary of HMB, Dr. Muhammad Abbas, the DG of KNCDC, and the DG of SAKA, Dr. Usman Bashir.

Expressing dissatisfaction with the situation, the team labeled the actions as acts of sabotage.

The officers at the X-ray unit were found charging patients N12,000 for X-ray services, contrary to the approved hospital price of N2,000.

Moreover, there were no documents to evidence the payments, resulting in the facility conducting less than 10 X-rays per week despite having two functional X-ray machines, stated the ES HMB.

Consequently, the officers were immediately dismissed for their involvement in the excessive extortion of patients.

Dr. Nagoda further highlighted the poor condition of the Labour Ward, citing the absence of bedsheets on the beds and the lack of a compound officer. He expressed dismay over the neglect of equipment donated to the facility by a philanthropist four years ago, as well as equipment donated during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This behavior must cease. The decision we have taken should serve as a warning to others. We took an oath, and we will uphold that oath to sanitize the health system,” he emphasized.

Dr. Nagoda urged all staff members to improve their performance, warning that ongoing executive supervision will continue rigorously. Any individual caught engaging in similar misconduct will face consequences, he warned.