AWS Build Accelerator: Your 10-Week Startup Guide
AWS Build Accelerator: Your 10-Week Startup Guide

About The Program

The AWS Build Accelerator program focuses on empowering founders with strategic insights for their startup’s product development.


Who Should Apply

Irrespective of your industry or niche, if your startup has a CTO or technical lead familiar with cloud technologies, you’re a perfect fit for the AWS Build Accelerator Program.

What you would Get

  • Financial Boost: Every eligible startup gets a boost with $2,000.
  • Holistic Training and Advanced Tech Exposure: Virtual, self-driven, and live sessions. Plus, familiarizing yourself with the AWS tech stack, a pivotal force behind many global business giants.
  • Networking and Continued Support: Engaging with a community rich in business insights, tech prowess, and enduring peer support that continues well beyond the program’s duration.


What You Must Know

  • Application Window: August 8 – September 22
  • Cohort Announcement: October
  • Program Timeline: October 9 – December 15


Program Schedule

  • Initial Week: Virtual Induction (October 9 – 13)
  • Core Training Weeks: Live Virtual Sessions (October 16 – December 8)
  • Wrap-up Week: Virtual Conclusion (December 11 – 15)

Application Closing Date: September 22, 2023.



In today’s rapid tech advancements in the business sector, speed and strategic execution are paramount. AWS introduces its Build Accelerator “AWS Build Accelerator Program”, a program specifically tailored for pre-MVP founders. The program offers an intense, yet rewarding 10-week virtual experience designed to usher startups into the market.

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Young startups often face difficulty with the transition from the idea stage to product development and eventually to market penetration. AWS Build Accelerator’s program focus is to smooth out this journey. This ten weeks program would lecture founders in a comprehensive curriculum that encompasses both strategic insights and hands-on technological training.


What to Expect from the AWS Build Accelerator Program

Guided Product Development: Every startup grapples with multiple dilemmas. When to monetize? When to bring in the first set of users for testing? Such decisions can make or break the future of the product. The AWS Build Accelerator doesn’t leave the founders to tackle these questions alone. Instead, it provides a structured pathway, eliminating the guesswork and offering a roadmap toward successful product development.

Tech Training with AWS: AWS, already a giant in providing tech tools and solutions, takes young founders through their suite of offerings. By the end of the program, young founders are not just familiar but proficient in utilizing AWS tools, giving them the capability to build robust, scalable, and efficient digital products.

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Learning Through Interaction: While the AWS Build Accelerator is primarily a virtual learning platform, it understands the value of community. Young Founders engage in enriching discussions with peers, learning from varied perspectives and experiences. The program also hosts sessions with AWS Startup Solutions Architects, where every query finds an answer.


Who Should Register for the AWS Build Accelerator Program

The AWS Build Accelerator program is not for everyone. It is curated for tech-driven startups in their early stages. Think of it as a boot camp for startups that have a clear vision but need guidance to materialize it. If your startup has a tech expert or a CTO well-versed in cloud technologies, you’ll find this program even more beneficial. However, for those across the globe, remember that this course is offered exclusively in English.


Benefits of Attending this AWS Build Accelerator Program

Startup Boost with Funding: the AWS Build Accelerator doesn’t just impart knowledge but also provides a financial kickstart. Every selected startup receives $2,000, ensuring they have some fuel to begin their journey.

More Financial Leverage: Apart from the initial boost, startups are given $2,000 worth of AWS credits. This means startups can access and use AWS tools without worrying about costs.

Hands-On Tech Training: Theoretical knowledge is great, but practical application is where the real magic happens. Young Founders don’t just learn about tech tools; they get to use them, ensuring they are well-versed with real-world applications. It’s a blend of reading, watching, and doing, leading to holistic learning.

Networking Opportunities: Often, the relationships forged during such programs go a long way. Be it partnerships, friendships, or mentor-mentee relationships, the community aspect of AWS Build Accelerator is invaluable. The potential for collaborations and partnerships is immense.


Application Window

August 8 – September 22.


Program Schedule

The 10-week intensive kicks off on October 9 and wraps up on December 15.


Detailed Weekly Breakdown

Week 1: The foundational week. It’s about setting the stage, understanding the program, and gearing up for the intensive weeks ahead.

Weeks 2-9: These form the crux of the learning phase. Each week dives deep into a specific aspect of startup growth, ensuring by the end, young founders have a well-rounded understanding of both business and tech.

Week 10: The concluding week. A time for reflection, assessments, and charting out the next steps.