Check out the Infinix Note 40 Pro plus review; Specifications, Price, Colors – All You Need to Know about this budget-friendly smartphone

Unboxing the Infinix Note 40 Pro plus
Unboxing the Infinix Note 40 Pro plus

The Infinix Note 40 Pro Plus is the company’s budget-friendly large-screen option for 2024, and it is the most feature-packed device in the Note series.

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A key feature of this handset is its large 6.78-inch OLED display with 10-bit color depth and a 120Hz refresh rate. It is powered by the Dimensity 7020 SoC and comes with 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. Another notable feature is its charging capabilities, supporting 100W fast charging with a cord and up to 20W wireless charging using the company’s MagCharge wireless pad.

Additionally, it can charge other devices through a cable or its reverse wireless charging feature. The camera setup is straightforward, with a 108MP main camera with a wide f/1.8 aperture, accompanied by sensors for depth sensing and macro photography. Beyond its productivity features, the Infinix Note 40 Pro plus boasts a striking design and JBL-tuned stereo speakers to enhance the viewing experience on its large screen.

The back design features a vegan leather finish, offering a premium feel and excellent grip. It also has an IP53 rating for dust and splash protection, adding a measure of peace of mind.

Unboxing the Infinix Note 40 Pro plus

The phone comes in a standard box that includes user manuals, a 100W charger, and a USB-C to USB-C cable for charging and data transfer.

Additionally, Infinix provides a curved glass screen protector and a protective case that matches the phone’s vegan leather design. We also received some extra items not typically included in the retail package.

One box contains the MagPad wireless charging pad and a power bank that can charge the phone wirelessly or via cable. The charging pad has magnetic functionality, which requires using the provided protective case that snaps onto the phone.


The Infinix Note 40 Pro Plus resembles last year’s Note 30 Pro in design, featuring a similar camera island and nearly identical dimensions. However, the Infinix Note 40 Pro plus is slightly larger due to its bigger display and comes exclusively with a vegan leather cover. It is available in Obsidian Black and Vintage Green, the latter of which we have in our office.

The faux leather not only provides a secure grip but also repels fingerprints and smudges. The device is relatively thin at 8.1mm, with a minimal camera bulge, and is lightweight, weighing only 190 grams, which is impressive for a 6.78-inch phone. The built-in charging coil for reverse charging and the three-camera setup add to its appeal. It also has an IP53 rating, meaning it can withstand dust and water splashes, though it should not be submerged.

The volume and power buttons are conveniently located on the right side of the frame. While the power button is easily accessible, some users might find the volume rocker a bit of a stretch. The top of the phone features an IR blaster for controlling appliances like TVs and air conditioners.

The under-display fingerprint reader is responsive and fast but positioned too close to the bottom edge, making it awkward to reach given the phone’s size. A unique feature is the Halo Lighting, where the inside of the LED ring lights up like a small sphere, serving as a notification LED for calls and messages.

Large 6.78-inch 120Hz OLED Panel

One of the standout features of the Note 40 Pro plus is its large 6.78-inch OLED display. It has a standard resolution of 1,080 x 2,436 pixels and supports a refresh rate of up to 120Hz. Additionally, the panel offers 10-bit color depth.

Display Quality

While Infinix does not explicitly mention HDR video support, the display does handle HDR content on YouTube. However, it does not support HDR in the Netflix app, although it has the Widevine L1 security certificate for high-quality Full HD playback.

Brightness Test

In our brightness test, the device underperformed. It reached 607 nits in manual mode but could not boost above that in auto mode. The lack of a brightness boost mode is disappointing in 2024, as 600 nits are insufficient for comfortable outdoor use on bright, sunny days.

Refresh Rate

The refresh rate control is straightforward, with three modes: 60Hz, 120Hz, and Auto-switch. The default Auto-switch mode lowers the refresh rate to 60Hz when the screen is idle or playing videos. For other menus and apps, the system typically favors 120Hz, which is simple yet effective.

Battery Life

The device has a below-average 4,600 mAh battery, but it achieved a respectable Active Use Score of 12 hours and 23 minutes. While not record-breaking, this performance is average for its price bracket and dependable overall. The Note 40 Pro+ excels in 4G talk time and offers good web browsing and video playback runtimes. However, its gaming performance is notably low.

Charging Speed

The Infinix Note 40 Pro Plus features Infinix’s All-round FastCharge2.0, which is exceptionally fast when set to the highest charging mode. In our tests, it completed a full charge in just 27 minutes, with a 15-minute charge restoring 61% of the battery. This speed surpasses most smartphones in its price range. The device also supports wireless charging up to 20W using the Infinix MagPad. To utilize the magnetic functionality, you need to use the provided protective case that snaps onto the phone.


The Note 40 Pro+ features hybrid stereo speakers, with one full speaker at the bottom and another doubling as an earpiece. They offer a balanced sound, though the bottom speaker is slightly louder.

However, in terms of loudness, there’s room for improvement. The handset scored -26.5 LUFS, which is considered “Good” but falls behind competitors. Additionally, the sound quality is somewhat lacking, as it tends to be flat and has a tendency to ring at higher volumes.

Performance and Software

XOS 14 and Android 14

The Infinix Note 40 Pro Plus operates on Infinix’s latest software iteration, XOS 14, which is built upon the latest Android 14 version. However, Infinix has not disclosed specific details regarding the duration of software support. Nonetheless, it’s reasonable to expect at least one more significant software update.

Benchmark Performance

The Infinix Note 40 Pro Plus is powered by the MediaTek Dimensity 7020 chipset, which is relatively new, having debuted earlier this year. However, it’s worth noting that the Dimensity 7020 is essentially a rebranded version of the Dimensity 930, which was announced in 2022.

The Dimensity 7020 chip is built on TSMC’s 6nm manufacturing process and features two primary Cortex-A78 cores clocked at up to 2.2GHz, along with six smaller Cortex-A55 cores operating at up to 2.0GHz. The GPU, the IMG BXM-8-256, is developed by Imagination Technologies and belongs to the B-Series architecture, boasting about 30% more power efficiency compared to its predecessor, the PowerVR series.

This GPU supports graphical APIs such as OpenGL ES 3.x, OpenCL 3.0, and Vulkan 1.3. However, it’s worth noting that certain Vulkan extensions crucial for running 3DMark benchmarks are missing, although this did not pose any practical gaming issues during our testing.

The Note 40 Pro+ is available in a single variant with 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage, providing ample memory capacity. The storage type is listed as UFS 2.2.


Impressive 108MP Main Camera

The Infinix Note 40 Pro+ boasts three rear cameras and one front-facing camera, although it could have benefited from just one rear camera. The primary 108MP camera shows promise, but the additional two 2MP cameras (for depth sensing and macro photography) offer limited utility. The 32MP selfie camera appears reliable, as it has performed well in other devices.

One notable absence is an ultrawide camera, although many competitors include a subpar 8MP unit. Infinix’s decision to forego the ultrawide camera may not be a significant loss, although it would have provided more versatility than the two 2MP cameras.

Daylight Photos

Main Camera:

The primary camera produces satisfactory daylight photos with a broad dynamic range, ample detail, and vibrant colors. Noise is minimal in outdoor settings but becomes noticeable in indoor shots’ shadows. However, sharpness could be improved, leading to Infinix’s application of artificial sharpening. This overuse of sharpening creates noticeable halos in foliage and building edges, giving images an artificial appearance. The 108MP mode is not recommended due to its lack of improvement.

3x Zoom:

The default 3x zoom option yields surprising results. While slightly softer with visible grain in uniform areas, the 3x cropped zoom images maintain solid quality, featuring good sharpness, abundant detail, and vibrant colors with wide dynamic range, akin to the 1x mode.

Low-light Photos

Main Camera:

The device predominantly relies on the standard Photo mode over the Night mode in low-light conditions, although HDR usage is evident. Bright shadows and adequate light source representation are notable, albeit with some highlights clipping. Color and contrast could benefit from enhancement, although noise levels are well-controlled, revealing considerable detail. However, post-processing sharpening creates an artificial appearance, particularly noticeable in night-mode images.

3x Zoom:

As expected, the 3x zoom mode in low-light conditions yields poor results. Heavy post-processing attempts to salvage details and sharpness, but the outcomes are noisy, lacking in sharpness, and detail. However, brighter scenes produce more favorable outcomes.


The quality of selfies on the Note 40 Pro+ is notably above average. Subjects are consistently well-exposed, indicating a wide dynamic range. Sharpness is satisfactory, colors appear natural, and the level of detail is impressive. Although there is some noticeable artificial sharpening, it generally enhances the overall result.

Video Recording

The Note 40 Pro+ supports video recording with its main camera up to 1440p at 30fps, due to the Dimensity 7020’s limitation to QHD video recording and playback. This places the device behind competitors, as most smartphones in this price range can record 4K footage.

To compensate for the lack of 4K video recording, Infinix includes additional features such as Ultimate video enhancement and Ultra steady mode for action camera-like videos. However, both modes limit video resolution to 1080p.

Recorded 2K footage is decent, though not outstanding. It is softer compared to typical 4K footage, but still offers nice detail, punchy colors, wide dynamic range, and good contrast. However, the color temperature appears slightly off, giving a yellowish tint to the video.

Enabling the Ultimate enhancement mode increases brightness and saturates colors, resulting in clipped highlights and softer footage due to the 1080p resolution. This mode is not recommended.

Low-light footage is impressive, with minimal noise, ample detail, and sharpness. However, highlights may be clipped to enhance shadow details, and the color temperature may be inaccurate, exhibiting a reddish hue similar to daylight footage.

Unfortunately, the Note 40 Pro+ lacks electronic image stabilization (EIS) in 1440p resolution. The only stabilization option available is the Ultra steady mode, which may limit the video’s resolution to 1080p. There appears to be a stabilization issue, as all videos appear excessively shaky.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  1. Lightweight, comfortable, and features a standout premium design.
  2. Large 6.78-inch OLED panel.
  3. Dependable battery life.
  4. Unrivaled charging speed in its class, with support for wireless charging.
  5. Generous 12GB RAM and 256GB storage by default, along with an onboard IR blaster.


  1. Unimpressive camera performance in low-light conditions, and video recording capped at 1440p.
  2. Stabilization issues during video recording.
  3. Display does not reach the brightness levels of competing devices.
  4. Speakers produce tinny and hollow sound.
  5. Chipset lacks competitiveness within its price bracket

Infinix Note 40 Pro plus price

The price of Infinix Note 40 pro plus price depends on individual country and currency. In Nigeria, the Note 40 Pro Plus is selling for around 399,000 Naira (~$ $290 USD). The Infinix Note 40 Pro Plus costs KES 39,000 in Kenya.