Mongabay Internship Program 2024 offers emerging journalists a chance to gain hands-on experience in impactful, evidence-based environmental reporting.

How to Apply For Mongabay Internship Program 2024
How to Apply For Mongabay Internship Program 2024

Mongabay’s program mentors budding journalists and broadens their skill set, focusing on critical conservation topics and providing one-on-one training.

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Join our Telegram Channel for Updates

Interns write around six news stories on various conservation and environmental topics over six months. They receive guidance from Mongabay editors, helping them understand journalistic processes, and receive coaching to develop their writing and interviewing skills.

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Publishing in a prominent news outlet
Learning Mongabay’s journalistic programs and processes
Joining a community of passionate writers
Coaching, guidance, and support
Resume building and Mongabay references


They seek articulate, environmentally passionate individuals with excellent communication skills, adaptability, and strong values.

Application Process

Submit documents in English: Resume, cover letter, motivation questions, and a writing sample. Optionally, provide an additional writing sample.

Deadline: November 28, 2023.



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