The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hon. Tajudeen Abbas, has expressed concerns about the inadequacy of the current police force, estimated at 400,000, to effectively provide security for the over 200 million Nigerian population.

Hon. Tajudeen Abbas
Hon. Tajudeen Abbas

During a meeting with the association of Clerks of State Houses of Assembly, represented by Deputy Speaker Hon. Benjamin Okezie Kalu, Abbas emphasized the need to establish state police as a solution.

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He argued that state policing would enhance internal security since local law enforcement would be familiar with the specific regions they are tasked with policing.

Drawing parallels with amendments made by the 9th National Assembly to issues such as railway and power, allowing states more constitutional rights, Abbas underscored the importance of legislative intervention for improved governance.

Addressing the challenges of a centralized police system, Abbas highlighted the mismatch between officers’ training locations and their assigned areas. He proposed that recruiting individuals from local communities, who are acquainted with the geography and culture, would lead to more effective policing.

Abbas also stressed the significance of collaboration between the national parliament and State Assemblies, particularly in ongoing constitutional amendments.

He acknowledged the vital role State Assemblies play in shaping the nation and called for unified efforts to achieve meaningful and lasting reforms. The Chairman of the visiting delegation, Rukaiyatu Adamu Jalo, expressed their mission to seek collaboration, appreciate the passage of autonomy for state legislature and judiciary bills, and understand the implementation of legislative business practices.

Concerned about the non-implementation of the Autonomy Act in several states, Adamu urged the House leadership to engage with the Forum of State Speakers to address the issue.


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