Heirs Energies has revealed its expansion of gas supply operations to the newly-opened 188-megawatt power plant operated by Geometric Power Limited in Aba, Abia State.

Heirs Energies
Heirs Energies

The company, which supplies gas to the Nigerian National Grid and existing power plants, including TransAfam Power Limited and First Independent Power Limited, emphasizes its commitment to supporting Nigeria’s economic and social development.

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Osa Igiehon, the Chief Executive of Heirs Energies, highlighted the company’s dedication to contributing to Nigeria’s progress in the energy sector.

Established in 2021, Heirs Energies operates OML17 and related infrastructure with a mission to ensure direct and ongoing benefits for Nigerian businesses and consumers from the country’s natural resources.

The gas supplies provided by Heirs Energies to critical power plants reinforce its significant role in Nigeria’s energy sector and demonstrate its strategic vision in developing operational synergies throughout the energy value chain.

The company’s gas plant in Agbada, Rivers State, produces over 80 MMSCFD (million standard cubic feet per day) of gas, all directed to the domestic market to meet local demands and support Nigeria’s energy needs.

As part of the Heirs Group, Heirs Energies aligns with founder Tony Elumelu’s Africapitalism philosophy, emphasizing the delivery of economic and social benefits to stakeholders and ensuring Africa’s natural resources serve the continent’s interests.

The company’s involvement in various aspects of the energy sector, including oil-producing assets and strategic investments in power companies, reflects its commitment to catalyzing Nigeria’s industrialization and economic growth.


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