Retired General Yakubu Gowon has urged Nigerians to be patient and allow more time for the administration led by President Bola to address the various challenges facing the country.


He emphasized that it is too early in the administration’s tenure to expect the resolution of all inherited crises across different sectors. Gowon made these remarks after a meeting with Tinubu at the Presidential Villa in Abuja.

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During the meeting, Yakubu conveyed that leaders often receive criticism, and the government is making efforts to address the diverse problems in the country.

He encouraged Nigerians to be patient and allow the President the necessary time to effectively address the issues at hand.

Gowon also mentioned that the meeting touched on challenges within the ECOWAS subregion, and he stressed the importance of resolving these issues amicably.

As one of the founding fathers of ECOWAS, he discussed plans with Bola to address and bring under control the challenges facing the region.

Responding to claims on social media that he refused to attend an ECOWAS-organized event, Yakubu clarified that there might have been a miscommunication and highlighted that it provided an opportunity for the President to discuss the matter with him.


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