In the ever-changing realm of technology, emerging innovators such as Aliyu Aminu (Gistoneer developer) are leading the charge toward a realm of new possibilities.


Aminu, a skilled software developer hailing from Nigeria, has recently introduced an application poised to transform how Radio Stations, preachers, and other content creators throughout Africa share their programs with their audience.

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This innovative application, dubbed Gistoneer, enables users to upload copies of their programs in mp3 format after they have been broadcasted, ensuring that no one misses out on their favorite shows.

During a presentation in Kaduna, Aminu outlined the key features of Gistoneer and its potential benefits for various users. Not only can Radio Stations and preachers utilize the app to distribute their programs, but artists can also leverage it to market exclusive content and engage with their fans.

Furthermore, Gistoneer provides a platform for all users to share their preferred photos, audio, and videos, create playlists, and partake in chats with friends and family.

According to Aminu, Gistoneer represents a groundbreaking application that empowers content creators, artists, and everyday users to connect with their audience in novel and innovative ways.

By incorporating user-friendly features along with the potential for monetization, Gistoneer is positioned to revolutionize the digital content landscape in Africa and beyond.

With the Creator Funds Dashboard offering a distinctive opportunity for creators to earn revenue, Gistoneer transcends being merely a content-sharing platform; it becomes a catalyst for success and advancement in the digital era.

Aminu explained that Gistoneer aims to offer mp3, mp4, and image-sharing services alongside real-time chatting functionalities. However, the focus is primarily on mp3 and music, providing a broader spectrum of services beyond just music.

One of the most appealing aspects of Gistoneer is the Creator Fund, a feature designed to reward users who have amassed a significant following. Once an account reaches 10,000 followers and its content garners 100,000 views within the past 30 days, the Creator Funds Dashboard becomes accessible to them.

This dashboard presents opportunities for users to earn money through their Gistoneer content, establishing a potential revenue stream for content creators.

The Creator Fund within Gistoneer offers a unique chance for users to monetize their content and capitalize on their growing popularity.

The revenue generated via the Creator Fund is determined by the frequency of Gistoneer content and may vary from user to user. This incentivizes users to consistently upload engaging and valuable content to attract followers and enhance their earning potential.

Gistoneer allows users to upload copies of their mp3-format programs after they have aired, enabling their followers to listen to or download them afterward. This ensures that fans can remain connected with their preferred programs and content, even if they missed the initial broadcast.

With just a few clicks, users can access and enjoy a diverse array of content, from radio shows to exclusive artist releases.

What sets the application apart is the opportunity it provides for content creators to reach a broader audience and potentially monetize their work. Artists can leverage the platform to sell exclusive content, attract new fans, and foster deeper connections with existing followers.

This feature not only strengthens the artist-fan relationship but also creates new revenue streams for creators.

Moreover, the application is not limited to professional content creators alone.

Everyday users can also utilize the platform to share their favorite photos, audio, and videos with friends and family. The application includes features like creating playlists and chatting with loved ones, making it a versatile tool for personal and social use.


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