French President Emmanuel Macron has named 34-year-old Education Minister Gabriel Attal as the new Prime Minister of France on Tuesday.

Gabriel Attal
Gabriel Attal

This decision is part of Macron’s strategic approach for his second term, particularly in preparation for the upcoming European Parliament elections.

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While not signaling a significant political shift, this appointment indicates Macron’s desire to move beyond the unpopular pension and immigration reforms from the previous year, focusing on improving his centrist party’s chances in the EU elections in June.

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Opinion polls suggest that Macron’s political camp is trailing behind Marine Le Pen’s far-right party by eight to 10 percentage points. Attal, a trusted ally of Macron, gained prominence as the government spokesperson during the COVID-19 pandemic and is set to replace the outgoing Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne.

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Attal, one of the country’s most popular politicians according to recent polls, is known for his skills as a minister and ease in various media formats. Macron, wrapping up 2023, had already announced his plan to introduce new political initiatives.

In his message to Attal, Macron stated, “I know I can count on your energy and commitment to implement the project of revitalization and regeneration that I announced.” Attal is set to become France’s youngest Prime Minister and the first openly gay individual to hold the position. Additionally, he and Macron have a combined age just below that of Joe Biden.

Macron has faced challenges in dealing with a more turbulent parliament since losing his absolute majority shortly after his re-election in 2022.


About Gabriel Attal

Born on March 16, 1989, Gabriel Attal is a French politician affiliated with the Renaissance Party, currently serving as Prime Minister since January 9, 2024.

With a diverse background, including studying law and engaging in political activism from a young age, Attal has held various roles such as advisor to the Minister of Health and Member of the French National Assembly. Notably, he became the spokesperson for La République En Marche! in 2018 and later held ministerial positions.

On October 16, 2018, at the age of 29, Attal became the youngest member of a government in the Fifth Republic as Secrétaire d’État. He later served as Minister of Public Action and Accounts and Minister of National Education and Youth.

Following Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne’s resignation, Attal, at 34, assumed the role of France’s youngest and first openly gay leader on January 9, 2024. Despite his political success, Attal has faced online hate speech due to his identity, including antisemitic and homophobic attacks.