At the France-Nigerian Economic Summit held in Lagos, the French Minister, Olivier Becht, announced a significant commitment to supporting Nigeria in the energy sector.


He underscored France’s substantial investments in Nigeria and the ongoing partnership between the two nations.

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Minister Becht highlighted the robust presence of French businesses in Nigeria, boasting investments that surpass $10 billion. These investments extend across diverse sectors, providing employment opportunities for over 10,000 Nigerians.

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Notably, Becht emphasized that these French companies are not merely engaged in trading French products but are actively contributing to Nigeria’s economy. They are establishing factories, farms, and vocational training centers, indicating a tangible commitment to long-term economic development.

Acknowledging Nigeria’s reform agenda, Minister Becht pointed out the high expectations among French companies and investors. Sectors such as agriculture, energy, and technology were specifically mentioned as pivotal areas for future bilateral relations and investments.

Dr. Hebert Wigwe, the Chairman of the France-Nigeria Business Council, stressed the importance of fostering a supportive network for business growth within Nigeria. He hailed the establishment of Access Bank in Paris as a significant milestone that facilitates bilateral trade between France and Nigeria.

Usman Mohammed, the President of the French-Nigerian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI), expressed gratitude for the partnership with the France-Nigeria Business Council. He underscored the collaborative efforts between the two organizations, aiming to foster and promote businesses between France and Nigeria.

The French commitment to supporting Nigeria’s energy sector, coupled with substantial investments and a collaborative business approach, reflects a positive and mutually beneficial relationship between the two nations. The emphasis on long-term economic development and partnership underscores the significance of such engagements in fostering growth and cooperation.


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