The Association of Table Water Producers of Nigeria (ATWAP) in Enugu State has announced the suspension of production in all water-producing factories in the state due to the high and unbearable cost of production.

Association of Table Water Producers Enugu
Association of Table Water Producers Enugu

This decision was communicated through a statement issued by the Chairman of ATWAP, Enugu State Chapter, Mr. Tony Edike, and its State Secretary, Sir Clems Nwamadi.

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The announcement followed an emergency meeting held on February 8, 2024, where members discussed the challenges faced by water producers in the state.

The statement outlined that starting from February 12 to February 15, 2024, all Table Water Producers, including those producing sachets and pet bottles, are required to suspend production to seek a viable solution to the challenges affecting their operations.

The statement cited a variety of challenges, including a significant increase in the prices of raw materials (such as nylon, packing bags, and purifying materials), high electricity tariff, diesel costs, transportation expenses, maintenance, and staff costs.

The closure is also attributed to an upward review of various fees charged by state and local government agencies within their operational areas.

The closure is expected to provide producers with an opportunity to address the economic challenges they are facing.

Furthermore, the statement announced that, effective February 16, 2024, a bag of sachet water (20 sachets) will be sold at N300 to enable producers to sustain their operations and prevent their businesses from collapsing.

Any violators of this pricing resolution will face a fine of N200,000 per truck or driver caught by the ATWAP Task Force, which has been mandated to enforce compliance.

During the period of the factory shutdown, members are advised to mobilize their staff for equipment cleanup, and the ATWAP Task Force will conduct factory inspections to ensure compliance with standard operating procedures.

The statement concluded by appealing for the cooperation of dealers and consumers, requesting understanding during this period to enable producers to maintain their businesses.